Egypt riverUnique Foods: Gebna Makleyah, Koushari, Ful MudammasAttitude

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Egypt on the topic of genetically modified food and transplant traffickingOfficial Name: Arab Republic of EgyptFlag: DemographicsPopulation: 97,041,07 Egyptian 99.6%, other 0.4%Official Languages: Arabic, English and French widely understood by educated classesReligion: Muslim 90%, Christian 10%Government PresidentPresident: Abdel Fattah el-SisiPrime Minister: Sherif IsmailType of Government: Presidential republicLegislature/Decision-Making body: Unicameral LegislationEconomicsMain Contributors: Petroleum and petroleum-based productsMore Economically Developed Country Major Imports: Refined petroleum, petroleum gas, cars, packaged medicaments and wheatMajor Exports: Gold, crude and refined petroleum, nitrogenous fertilisers and insulated wire Main Trading Partners: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy and ChinaInfrastructureCommunications: Main phone networks mostly run by private agencies such as Vodafone, internet access introduced commercially as Asymmetric digital subscriber lines (ADSL)Transport: A river, The Nile(boat), the rail way system along The Nile, operated by Egyptian National Railways (government company)Sanitations: Only half of the population connected to sanitary sewers, poor operation of waste water treatment plantsCultureUnique Traits: Egyptians have special festival, the Festival of Anuket, where they throw precious gifts into the river to thank Anuket, the goddess of the Nile riverUnique Foods: Gebna Makleyah, Koushari, Ful MudammasAttitude to the Arts: Tight restrictions to performances and artistic worksSports: Favourite sport is footballGeographyLocation: 27 00 N, 30 00 EImportant Neighbours: Saudi Arabia, UAE, TurkeyUnique Geography: Very suitable for farming, rich layer of black silt is deposited onto the soil every year after the Nile flooded3 Relevant Points for Topic 11. In March 2008, the Ministry of Agriculture approved the domestic cultivation of genetically modified corn.2.

In May 2013 around one hundred activists protested in front of the Ministry of Agriculture to condemn the use of genetically modified foods.3. In August 12 2012, studies by scientists show that test on rats pose potential health hazards towards humans.

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3 Relevant Points for Topic 21. In April 6 2017, 9 Somalis were dumped in the Egyptian sea after kidnapped and organs removed by traffickers in Egypt.2. In January 17 2017, 2 Saudi men were detained in Egypt for suspected organ trafficking.

3. In August 20 2017, a German journalist exposed a private hospital in Egypt and showed the story of two Sudanese victims of organ trafficking.


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