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Egyptian kingdoms were separated into periods called the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms. These three periods help improve shape each other. These periods were also known for having the longest stability. Each considered a new age of whatever it was known for. The old was the age of the pyramids the middle age of gold and last the new was the age of imperial. The Old Kingdom and the New Kingdom were the fathers from each other however was affected by ones dictions. They were more alike than it seemed.
Old Kingdom took place in 2650-2150 B.C.E, Memphis was the capital of the old kingdom. It spanned from the 3 dynasties to the 6th dynasty. The first Pharos of the Old Kingdom was Djoser, he hired a man named Imhotep to build the plans of the pyramid. The Old Kingdom had greatest amount pyramids in Egyptian history to be built. Pharos or the kings of Egypt were considered to be gods or god like. These kings had to hold order and keep the harmony amongst the citizens. The Pharaoh’s were the ones worship and believed they had the ability to control the weather, crops, and winning wars. The Pharaohs even said to control the Nile, which later ends up being their demise at the 6th dynasty. However, the Pharos couldn’t do everything alone, he also had a supervisor to ensure that taxes were collected. The other chain of status follows are nobles, soldiers, and lastly at the bottom farmers and slaves. Egypt during this time period was divided into upper and lower Egypt. Each half had provinces, 22 in Upper Egypt and just 20 in Lower Egypt. These provinces were governed by a governor who tried their best to maintain order. The Pharaohs ended around the 6th dynasty.

The New Kingdom lasted, 1550 -1070 B.C.E and was founded by Ahmose the First. He changed Egypt’s movement into a more militant movement. The new kingdom became the most powerful state compared to its predators and the current time. Due, to the new military they were able to conquest and expand further than ever before. Unlike the old kingdom, Pharaohs were now buried in the Valley of the Kings, which was a new version of the pyramids. They were no longer viewed as a god but more as an important figure in religious practice. Pharos still was revered, however, they were more of a mortal king and someone who was able to speak for the gods as well as the gods. They still lead the people and made the law around their god’s wishes. Another thing, unlike the old dynasty religion, took over, even so much so a priest could rival a king. During this dynasty, the government control of religion, some of their gods were: Ra, Isis, Amon, and Anubis. These gods look anthropomorphic.
Even though both the Old and New Kingdoms were at different times they still have similar bases. The concept of their Pharaoh, even though over time were somewhat viewed differently, they still were held at a high and the embodiment of their gods. The Egyptian culture mummification for the Pharos. The tactics and where they buried them change, however they were still buried in a place considered sacred. Both time periods affected the new inspiring new movements as well crafting. The source of living all depend on the Nile as the single most important factor in their lives. Human life would not be able to sustain theirs without it.
Egyptian kingdoms Old, Middle, and New are what defined each Egypt age These three periods help improve shape each other. The old kingdom laid the base for others, even the new. The old and new had different ways of ruling and live styles when it came to government and religion. However, they were more alike than it seemed in the end.

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