Elona want to Pet Your Dog” What

Elona Kalaja
Manjoo “No I Do Not want to Pet Your Dog”
What is Manjoo’s thesis?
In his article “No I Do Not Want to Pet Your Dog” Manjoo argues that dogs should not be allowed in public places, unless owners have better control of their pets. What worries Manjoo is not only the fact that he sees dogs licking and bothering people, but what really worries him is the owner’s reaction. They do not worry when see people frightened from their dogs, or when people change the road because if the dog touch they will get sick. For them important is the dog, to play and entertain.

Do you agree with his thesis? Explain.

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The problem that Manjoo discuses on his article is an actual problem that we can easily meet it at restaurant, gym, coffee shop etc. But not only that, dog owners are not responsible for their pets. They leave dogs without a leash, approaching people, bothering and licking them. His concern is right when he says that some people will get sick from being in contact with dogs. I will never forget the day when I was walking into the school hallway and I saw a big dog. I don’t know what sort of race it was, but its face looks so wild, and its owner was 4-5m behind it. I was pregnant at this time. The dog was coming and approaching me, I was so scary. Something that is interesting with dogs is that they come close to you when you do not want them to come. I couldn’t continuous the way, I turned back, and run into the bathroom (for my good lucky it was near). After a moment I opened the door to see whether they had left or not, the dog was still walking without a leash, and its owner was following behind. This is something that needs to be changed. If anybody likes to share the house or car with a dog that’s fine, but not everyone likes to do that. So, don’t bring them in public places where others are obligated to endure your dogs. Also, the author gives an example when compares dogs with children. Children’s behaver will look the cutest thing in the world for their parents, but if they bring them at a restaurant and leave them doing everything they want, running everywhere, the first thing you will think is to say to their parents to stop it. The same thing happed with dogs. They will look so cute for the owners when they play with other people, but no, that is not fun for everybody. I agree with Manjoo’s thesis and the details that he gives to support his thesis because he is not trying only to convince readers about his opinion, but also, he is trying to emphasize how big this problem is in this days, and what can we do to prevent it.

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