Emma are today. It is hard to understand

Emma O’Toole is an 18 year old high school senior who attends North Allegheny Senior High School. She is a friendly, energetic, and kind person who loves all things fashion and art. Emma lives just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and plans on studying fashion and art in college.  I believe that experiences define a person for who they are today.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. The experiences that each and every one of us go through makes us into the people we are today. It is hard to understand in the midst of a situation, but it could not be more true. No matter how good or painful a role played, it taught us something, and this will not be revealed to us until later. Last year, I frequently questioned why I had a specific teacher for a class that I did not like. I did my best, studied, read all the material, and still could not get the grade that I wanted.

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And it was not until the end of the year that I realized why I had that teacher: to improve my writing, to really dig deep into books, and understand why the author wrote specific things for the readers to learn and understand. And now, I look back and remember how hard I worked, and appreciate all that I learned and accomplished, especially the skills that I gained from taking that class. This ended up being one of my favorite classes, and I will forever be grateful for that teacher challenging me in a way that I was never academically challenged before.I believe that every mistake, decision, and bad grade has led me to where I am right now. Every friendship, every person, every fun night, and countless memories have made me into who I am today. I was created on purpose with a purpose, and nothing is by accident. I believe that every cause has an affect. I believe that my friends were put in my life for a greater purpose.

They have helped me develop into the person who I am today by guiding, supporting, and investing their time to make me a better person. They are countlessly there for me.Specifically, teachers come to mind when I think of the topic of everything happens for a reason.

We are meant to have specific teachers for a reason, whether we like it or not. People come into our life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. This also applies for friends, even if we might not be close to our friends whom we once were, they were in our lives for a reason, and the season has now moved on.

They were supposed to be in our lives for a certain season, to learn, help, and grow. I believe that no matter how good or painful a role or person played, they taught us something, and that something will reveal itself to us at some point. Everything happens for a reason. Every experiences in our lives are designed to shape and form us into the greatest versions of ourselves that we can be. It is very comforting to think that there is a purpose and a use for what people are going through.



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