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Emma CollinsENG 4U1B.Jefford01 06 2018A Twisted RelationshipThe novel Misery, by Stephen King explores the abnormal relationship between two characters and how it leads to a unusual dependency on one another. Characters Annie Wilkes and Paul Sheldon have a perplexing relationship where Paul’s physical and mental well being is dependent on Annie while Annie’s emotions are an effect of Paul’s actions. Paul and Annie’s twisted relationship is based on physical and psychological control. Each has a weird dependence on the other. However, in the end, Paul must break free of Annie to survive.As the novel begins, Annie Wilkes, who is Paul sheldons self proclaimed number one fan, kidnaps him taking physical control of the famous author. Annie rescues Paul from an almost fatal car crash, and rather than bringing him to a hospital for professional care, she imprisons him in her isolated home, treating him with only the supplies she has on hand. While laying in Annie’s guest room Pauls “shuddering would not stop. The pain was like the end of the world. He thought: There comes a point when the very discussion of pain becomes redundant. No one knows there is pain the size of this in the world. No one. It is like being possessed by demons.” (Pg.52) After the accident Paul suffers from two broken legs and to treat the pain Annie uses Novril, a painkiller stolen from hospitals in which she had worked as a nurse. Annie controls the medication and therefore controls Pauls levels of pain. “‘I suppose you want your cockadoodie medication,’ she said” (Pg.20) one day after reluctantly giving Paul his pills. Near the middle of the novel, Annie discovers that paul kills off her favourite character ending his famous Misery series. Annie does not take the news very well and says to Paul “I thought you were good, but you are not good. You are just a lying old dirty birdie.” (Pg.27) Annie begins to torture Paul and demands him to rewrite the novel so that the Misery legacy can live on. Annie also physically punishes Paul if he is not compliant or if she is not satisfied with the work being produced. At first her punishments start out small, like forcing Paul to drink soapy water, until they start to get more severe where she eventually crushes and severs off his feet and a thumb. (CLOSING SENTENCES)Throughout the novel Paul is subject to Annie’s fits of rage and must endure the pain and torture she causes. From the first moment he and Annie make contact, Paul is disgusted by her. After the crash, as his memories come back to him Paul remembers “being raped back to life by the women’s stinking breath” (Pg.7).  Annie then kidnaps paul, taking him to her home rather than the hospital. She tortures Paul by leaving him without food, water, or medicine for days at a time. Annie argues with Paul on content and profanity in his newest novel, Fast Cars, causing her to spill his soup. Claiming the spill is Pauls fault, annie punishes him by withholding his medication. She says “first I have to clean up the mess in the comer. The mess you made. You’ll have to wait until I do that.'”(Pg 20). Paul becomes so dependent on the Novril that he is willing to risk his life and break out of his room just to find the medicine for himself. Annie learns that Paul has been sneaking out of his room so as punishment  she cuts off his foot using an axe. “The axe came whistling down and buried itself in Paul Sheldon’s left leg just above the ankle. Pain exploded up his body in a gigantic bolt. Dark-red blood splattered across her face like Indian war-paint”(Pg.138) . Paul almost dies from shock, but somehow recovers and slowly but surely continues to work on Misery’s Return, losing his thumb in the process. (Pg.138)  (CLOSING SENTENCE)All through the book, not only does Annie have physical control over Paul, but psychological control as well. The Novril pills were not just used for pain, but Annie used them to act as stimulant in order to keep Paul’s mind fertile so he could continue his writing. Annie constantly devalues paul and his writing, forcing Paul to write Misery’s Return on her terms. Annie reads Pauls new novel Fast Cars and refers to it as “trash”. She forces him to burn the manuscript he hoped would launch his post-Misery career. Also, after reading the new ending of Misery’s Return, Annie says “it wasn’t right. It’s a cheat. You’ll have to change it…She would not allow him to kill Misery . . . but neither would she allow him to cheat Misery back to life.” (Pg 68-69). Annie influences Paul using intimidation to make it seem like she has ultimate control over him. Feeling fear, doubt, and insecure Paul tries to be brave, putting “his arm over his eyes, and tried to hold onto the anger, because the anger made him feel brave. A brave man could think. A coward couldn’t.” As well, Annie crushes Pauls hopes with a threat saying “don’t even think about anybody coming for you… nobody knows you’re here, and you better hope nothing happens to me, because if I die, you die.” Afraid and in pain, Paul begins to lose hope and the will to survive. Paul buys time and writes the book as Annie wants, believing she is fully capable of killing him and herself. (CLOSING SENTENCE)Early on in the novel, Paul becomes terrified of Annie as he learns that she is just a lonely psychopath who is completely obsessed with him. He has to constantly watch what he says because if he says the wrong thing it might trigger an episode and “rile her up. He could not tell her because it would hurt her badly, and in spite of all the pain she had afforded him, he found he could not hurt her in that way. He had been hurt way himself.” To get control of Annie and prevent any future episodes Paul tries to appeal to her emotions. When she would profess her love of the Misery series to Paul, he would say “in desperation, because it was the only thing he could think of, he said: ‘I know. You’re my number one fan.'”( page 18).  When Paul begins to write Misery’s Return, Annie becomes as dependent on the unfolding plot as Paul is on the care and drugs she provides him. Annie influences Paul using intimidation making it seem like she has ultimate control over him. When a Colorado state trooper arrives at Annie’s house looking for Paul, Paul sees this as a chance to escape. He throws an ashtray through the window, getting the attention of the officer. However, Annie stabs the officer with a wooden cross and then proceeds to run over his body with a lawn mower. She threatens Paul by saying “You’re getting what might happen to you mixed up with what already happened to him.’ She grinned at him. There was craziness in that grin, but he saw something else in it as well, something that really frightened him. He saw conscious evil in it — a demon capering behind her eyes.” (CLOSING SENTENCE)Annie looks to control Paul, but in the end she cannot control herself, while Paul, through manipulation and strength, finally triumphs.  Annie who is very eager to read the finished product of Misery’s Return, agrees to reward Paul with a celebratory cigarette and bottle of champagne.(MIDDLE PART) Even when she is dead, Annie continues to have control over Paul by haunting him with memories of herself. Paul suffers from both writer’s block and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, seeing visions of Annie. During his recommended daily one mile walk, he sees a young boy pushing a shopping cart with a skunk in it and this moment inspires him to write again. Paul “remembered sitting down. As always, the blessed relief of starting, a feeling that was like falling into a hole filled with bright light. As always, the glum knowledge that he would not write as well as he wanted to write. As always, the terror of not being able to finish, of accelerating into a blank wall. As always, the marvellous joyful nervy feeling of journey begun.” (NEED PAGE #) (CLOSING SENTENCE)

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