Employee Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is substantial in any organization and although employers understand the rationale for assessing employees’ performance, they sometimes view appraisals as a burdensome task that many would like to avoid.

But by focusing on these appraisals we can come to understand the effect that it can have on your employees and the organization. The many benefits that it allows, even to go as far as to ensure that company objectives are met as well as employee performance, but with any organization appraisals can sometimes be bias.As a company begin to think f ideas to help their company, they should consider first what ultimately helps to company to run and that is the performance of their employees, taking a look at company objectives and what goals they have achieved and where they are trying to get to in the future could be held up by as little things as ensuring that their employees are meeting the goals that they have set up for the company.Although the main objective of performance appraisals is to evaluate employees’ work performance, performance appraisals are also important for organizations because hey reflect the effectiveness and efficiency of having organizational goals and objectives (Youssef, C. (2012).

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Performance appraisals can benefit employees and organizations by clarifying goals and expectations, as well as creating an environment of open communication. By having a plan the best performance appraisals can offer positive feedback and advice for improvement, and typically consist of a conversation between management and the employee.One of the benefits of having performance appraisals is that it helps supervisors and employees o identify strengths and weaknesses of employee performance, while also offering an opportunity for supervisors and employees to discuss the employee’s goals for himself or herself, the supervisor’s goals for the larger department or organization and ways that the employee and the supervisor can work together by further developing skills and strengths necessary to reach these goals.Also the best performance appraisals create a link between individual employee expectations and how the employee’s work contributes to the larger organization’s success. Communication is also a key to opening the lines between supervisors and mployees and is ideally used to build in performance appraisals.

As with many appraisals company tend to not really look deep into the effects that not putting together a good performance appraisal will do, rather they will Just treat it like its formality which will only show an employee that their employer really do not care about how they feel or what they may can suggest in growing with the company, performance appraisals should not be used as substitutes for consistent, open communication only. “Nothing should be surprising to the employee during the appraisal meeting.Any performance issues should have been addressed as soon as those issues occurred” (DeNisi, A. & Pritchard, R. (2006, July).

With every performance evaluation there should always be feedback and by getting that feedback from the employee consistently the goals of the company as well as the employee will be met, while also providing motivation. Havlng Dlases could De very negative wnen glvlng perTormance appraisals, ana could become a disadvantage in achieving goals or objectives in which your company may seek to achieve. Biases in the performance appraisal process are one of the most ifficult aspects.Bias is often seen as a prejudice in favor of or against someone or something, but it should go without saying that employees do expect their performance evaluations to be fair and free of such biases.

Employees should never be compared to other employees because no matter what someone must end up at the bottom even if they are exceeding the company standards. So it will not be because of the employee but because of the goal or the standards of the company. One other bias that an organization has to watch out for is focus on one such act and aking that the focus of the appraisal meeting.In all, having a performance appraisal that is not bias and considering the goals and objectives of the company being reached through an effective performance appraisal, while also seeing that each and every employee understands that as well as ensuring that they know that they are being heard through their communication with the employer will help the company to grow and achieve their goals that they have communicated. Also performance appraisals provide opportunities for management and employees to review prior performance, communicate


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