Employees causes job satisfaction. Job satisfactions increases

Employees in every organization feel more satisfied every time they are fairly rewarded for the work or job they do. Rewards don’t mean compensation alone but also even a simple recognition for a job well done is much appreciated by an employee.

Nature of work is one that causes job satisfaction. Employees as workers wants to be able to utilize their skills and abilities in a way that contributes to the organization for the attainment of its mission. As employees wants to be challenged on his or her current job, increasing the levels of responsibility and leadership is a great help for them.

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Relationship with his or her supervisor, is another factor that causes job satisfaction. Job satisfactions increases whenever an employee feels that there is an open communication with his or her immediate supervisor. With the effective communication the employee feels that his or her voice to share their feedback, suggestions, opinions and ideas matters on the decision making of the organization.
Promotions and opportunities for career development is also a factor that causes job satisfaction. Employees always seek for promotion that is fair and just manner. Promotions and training programs provide opportunities for personal and career growth, higher responsibilities, and uplifts morale for social status. Right and just compensation and somehow with benefits based on job demands, individual skills and competencies, will surely result to a high level of satisfaction for each employee.

Also, employees want a conducive environment that will provide personal comfort and a good job performance. Working in a conducive atmosphere with also the help of facilities is a help for an employee to be more productive with their work.

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