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Endangered Species Act JSOIOIOIO The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was passed into law on the 28th December 1973. It was enforced by the United States of America to protect critically Jeopardized species from extinction, from a consequence of development and economic growth and the conservation of the environment they depend on. There are two main federal agencies that are administered to the act: the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).A species is considered endangered when it faces the danger of extinction of its range or a high ortion and if a species is likely to become an endangered in a foreseeable time. Overall there are about 2,100 species that are listed as endangered and of these about 1,500 found in the United States. The main goal of the ESA is to prevent jeopardized animals and plants from becoming extinct and removing or decreasing any threat to their survival.

There are five main provisions of the law state that are classified into listing provision, scientific consultation, controlling the kill, statute enforcement and habitat conservation plan. The listing provision is the process of listing a species as endangered or threatened and is followed up by a critical habitat designation. The scientific consultation is the duty that federal agencies have to avoid acting in a way that might Jeopardize he existence of a listed species and to consult with the ESA agencies if any species listed are present and if so how they can be avoided.The controlling to kill provision makes it illegal for people to import, sell, deliver, carry or possess any listed species or if any of the mentioned actions are attempted. Furthermore it also states that killing, harming, shooting, capturing or any action closely related any listed species is illegal as well. The statue enforcement is the civil and criminal penalty that are enforced for knowing any violations of the law, for example not listing a species if there is clear evidence of it being endangered.

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The habitat conservation plan is to bring listed species into a approved habitat where they can be saver.Furthermore some provisions are to provide a framework for identifying endangered species that need protection, provide requirement plans to mplement recovery actions, provide tools to conserve species and their habitats and to provide a process to identify recovery accomplishments so that a species might be able to be taken off the list. The law was initiated when the President Nixon made a call for a comprehensive legislation for the protection of endangered species to the Congress. Once this was passed by the congress the ESA quickly revolutionized the environmental conservation in the United States.President Nixon announced that the current actions for the conservation of species were very inadequate and called n the Congress to pass the legislation for endangered species legislation.

The Congress then rewrote the law and the ESA was passed into law. A large team consisting of scientist and lawyers rewrote the law. The two federal agencies, the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) build the administration and each agency handles different species. The NOAA deals with the marine species and the FWS handles the freshwater fish and the other species.Species such as turtles that occur in both the abitats are managed Jointly. The Endangered Species Act has had a very large many costs associated with the ESA I would like to highlight the economic benefits from it. The flexibility of the ESA law allows businesses and private citizens to obtain exemptions for impacts to protected wildlife by allowing local economic development and the states with the most listed endangered species have yet achieved a large economic growth. For example Florida, California and Hawaii have the highest number of listed federal species however were ranked among the states with the 1 5 ighest economic growth rates.

Furthermore the ESA creates economic benefits by protecting wildlife by providing millions each year for local communities and by booting the wildlife related tourism it provides a national economic benefit. There are also benefits for the government from the impacts of protecting critical habitats for endangered species. For example the ESA excludes area from the critical habitat if the costs would outweigh the benefits but the building and the maintenance of the habitats generated hundred thousand private sector Jobs and leads to many visitors.Additionally the ESA’s environmental impacts benefit the economy because it protects critical habitat for endangered wildlife that therefore provides clean air, clean water, prevents erosion and protects the vital natural resources present. The protection of many plants and animals can also be very important to an economy because the act protects many species that play a vital role in the studies of potentially curing fatal diseases. I strongly feel the Endangered Species Act has largely improved the environment/situation for varies reasons.

The Act allows the determination and the isting of endangered and threatened species and stops the unauthorized taking, selling, transporting or possessing of endangered species. The ESA also use land and water conversation funds to acquire land for the conservation of the Jeopardized species and grants aid to States that maintain and establish active and running program. Moreover there are criminal penalties for violating regulations of the ESA and it authorizes the payment of rewards to anyone leaking information that leads to the arrest and conviction for the violation of the ESA or its regulations.However most importantly the ESA protects endangered animals and their environment and therefore helps maintain a healthy environment. Reference: http://www.

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