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Last updated: May 9, 2019

Dear Josephine, I am writing to congratulate you on such a wonderful review. It felt like we were living their story. As a teenager I am so pleased that the British public have had the opportunity to think that not all teenagers are bad at school. Furthermore I agree with your review because as you stated “Brilliant documentary’ about teacher’s care and student’s background.I believe it shows what it sets out to, what life is really in a modern secondary school with all the horrors and the brilliant things that you find there.

In addition, I think filming inside of schools is a good idea because it shows ow teachers are dealing with bad students, for example one of students in “Educating Essex Vinnie”. It shows that teachers are really caring about all students they treat them equally and also they trying to help them by talking about their personal matters.As you stated in your article “A few seconds you dared to hope it would all work out all right”. Even though some students are bad future not great as they are bad.

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As you stated in your article “He’s a young person that has been let down and I’m part of that” said Mr Goddard, I believe that all teachers are caring bout students educations because some parents think that its teachers thought that their child is bad at school.This programme and your review about the “Educating Essex” change the public’s perception about teachers. Although bad students are not that bad, for example Vinni from “Educating Essex” is a naughty boy, however as you stated “An excellent scene saw Vinnie teaching a friend, also banished from class, about rhetorical questions. ” This changes public mind because it show most misbehaved student are the most challenging ones in the school. Secondly, the programme show modern secondary school


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