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Last updated: May 19, 2019

 English teaching should have some appropriate tools and as you knowthese instruments are very different and are used by different peoples. Using targetlanguage and mother tongue varies all the time and every teacher use themdifferently, as a matter of fact teacher’s personal belief and their socialrank determines that how they use the language.

Some believe that mother tongue can help learners to understand andcomprehend foreign language.it has essential role in understanding the secondlanguage. according to research teachers who live in urbon areas use more L2than the L1.also their students are more powerful in L2, and children in ruralareas have limited resources of English so they face with some problems .theirteacher should do something in this condition so he use more L1 in order tostudents learn better.Teachers use simple explanations and teach English in basic level,so students can understand better. after being familiar with easy steps teachergoes through difficult materials.

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Although for teaching speaking ability in Taiwan , teachers usesimple conversations and basic expressions ,students of this level face withsome problems, such as:1.they are good in classroom interaction situation butthey have problem in communicating outside the classroom; 2. Having anxietyabout speaking foreign language in front of people but feel relaxt to speak itto the teacher in the class.in order to solve this problem teacher try tocreate more comfortable situation for the learner, in fact they try make thesituation like the real environment and make a good atmosphere for thelearner.in this condition the mood of the class and outside the class is thesame for the learner.

for solving this problem TBL method can be helpful. andby adopting this method in the class students don’t find real differencebetween the mood of the class and the mood of the environment ,for example ininteractions in social environment. here we have some explanation about this helpfulmethod can guide learners and can help them to solve their problem.   . One of the TBL activities was undertaken when  the topic is about drinks and food.

The wholeclass in the 4th grade was divided into 6 groups of either 4 or 5. Each groupreceived a small whiteboard and markers and every student in each group neededto say out loud the name of food or drinks in turn and the next student wroteit down on the whiteboard. They were asked to produce as many words as they canwithin 5 minutes and if someone got stuck, the others could help certainly.When time was up, the leader and a assistant from each group came to the frontto show what they have had on the whiteboard. The rest of the class checked allthe vocabulary together and note down the ones they have not learned before. Inthe end of each group’s show time, any of the students can say sentences byusing the mentioned words. Once a student makes a correct sentence, he/ sheearns one point for the team. This was then followed by serious of relevantspeaking presentations and exercises.

 During the task, students used target language naturally either inspoken or written form. The topic related to their daily life and, therefore,they became more interested and motivated. Students as the center of learningapparently considered the task to be rather meaningful than merely repeateddrill practices. Moreover, working in groups encouraged the spirit ofcooperation.

 ConclusionDeveloping speaking skill need to have a good description ofvocabulary and grammar and do some activities in this area . unfortunately our Englishteachers devote the most time of class to non-communicative activities and ofcourse ignore speaking skill. The language learners themselves also show fewinterests in communicating. These are some problems that our instructors facewhen they are teaching speaking skill in their large classes. and students arede-motivated in the classroom.

These common problems are not new and we shouldoffer modern solutions. this paper tend to suggest some solution in order toteachers have motivated and energetic classes. in order to help students tohave a good speaking ability, teachers  producesome activities that integrate language input with communicative output.


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