Enrollment of subject he/she was officially enrolled. Congratulation!

Enrollment is the way for entering and checking information about students to enroll on certain University. Diverse interconnected procedures develop enlistment techniques called enrolment system. Enrollment system is utilized as a part of especially in recording and recovering students information.Verifying payments is likewise added to refresh enrollees’ charging, if there is. Universities differ on procedures. In here are steps how to be enrolled in UC.
Firstly, Enrollee needs to secure his/her grades, that needs to be hand.over to the Dean’s office to check enrollee’s status. Once cleared, Enrollee will be provided with a form in which enrollee must fill in. Immediately, Enrollee needs to select subjects that he/she wishes to enrolled and will jot down on the form.
Enrollee must go to the Registrar office to validate if those subjects are still available else, she/he needs to look for the same subject into another department. Enrollee necessarily makes sure that the subject description is the same. Once completed, he/she needs to get on the accountings’s office to check the billing status. The officer will provide a remarks to which enrollee are cleared otherwise, he/she needs to settle any outstanding balance.
Enrollee necessarily proceeds with the cashier to compensate the enrollment fees. Cashier will hand over a receipt that contains details of the payment made. She/he proceeds with the EDP section, enrollee needs to hand.over the receipt along with the form that was filled with those subjects he/shes wished to enrolled. Enrollee needed to wait patiently for his turn, when his/her last name is called she needs to go ahead and prepare an amount of the Lakandiwa,Insurance,and etc. Immediately she/he will he provided with the list of subject he/she was officially enrolled. Congratulation! Enrollee made it. Though the process is a little tedious but anyhow, Welcome to UC!

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