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PTCI ENROLLMENT SYSTEMA Database System Proposal Presented to the Faculty and Department of Information TechnologyPrepared by: Mary Joy Magdua Mariz Pascual Kimberly Rapas Menchie Deocariza Franzel Raboy John Errol Guzman Bon Erick Gonzales ACKNOWLEDGMENT This research project would not have been possible without the support of many people. Special thanks to all our friends, classmates, especially to our group members for sharing the ideas and invaluable assistance.We are heartily thankful to our instructor, Mr. Jeriel M.

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Macolor whose encouragement, guidance and support from the initial to the final level enabled us to develop an understanding of the subject. Special thanks also to our parents for giving us our financial and moral support. Lastly we offer our regards and blessing to all those who supported us in any aspect during the completion of the subject.Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study: Computerization is a control system that manages processes in industrial workplace. It reduced human errors and processing time, thus it can boost productivity and resulted into high quality of product produce. In Information System, computerization is concerned about interrelating different but interdependent transactions.This can result in a system with well-integrated processes that can perform much faster and more accurate than a manual system.

Enrollment System is a good example of a computer generated process. This can lessen the workload and provides accurate information needed of the school. As a result, it will benefit not only the student but the administration as a whole. The enrollment system were proposing is for the school named “Tri Star School” which was privately owned and privately managed but then, the enrollment system on the said school is still in manual.

And we have learned from random interviews around the school premises that, the manual enrollment system was too slow and too difficult for the school to manage at the reason of lacking in faculty members who are knowledgeable enough on handling and managing such large manual files, records and folders. The computerized enrollment system will provide the needed and storing information in a faster, more convenient way by storing file of the student enrollees in a computer system that will lessen the effort of faculty staff in storing files of each student every now and then.The idea behind an enrollment system is not a new concept. This will only serve as an immediate solution to the increasing problems towards enrollment that provides more easy way in enrolling. 1.2 Statement of the Problem: The database system proposal entitled “PTCI ENROLLMENT SYSTEM” was conducted to develop the school’s enrollment system to improve the transaction flow with less time and hustle. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions; 1.

What are the possible errors will be encountered by the proposed system? 2. How much will I spend for the maintenance of the system? 3. Will the proposed system become effective and successful? 4. What will be the effect of the system in terms of financial status of a firm? 5. What are the expected feedbacks to the system? 1.3 Objectives of the Study: Our general objective is to help ease the problem in managing records on enrolling old and new students and to make transaction in short period of time. 1.

4 Significance of the Study: The importance of this study is to help the said school, to raise the unctionality and break the past years performance of the school. It would make transaction faster especially of school that lack of personnel 1.5 Scope and Delimitation: Our study on how to make a good computerized enrollment system held inside and outside the school premises was composed of a lot of questions, surveys and online referencing and researching over the internet. Chapter 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES Studies rely on information researched by the proponents. Review of Related LiteratureIn exploration, we find new techniques, new knowledge, even develop new substances, gadgets, equipment, processes or procedures, imagination and skill is employed by the researcher. The commodities, new devices, services, in technology are needs of man for a better fuller life which is the concern of the research. These useful arts are the products of the technological environment and the end-user is society in general.

The excerpt was stated by Josefina Estolas in the book Fundamentals of Research (1995). Science and technology are essential for national development and progress.The State shall give priority to research and development, invention, and their utilization, and to science and technology education according to the 1987 Philippine Constitution (Article XIV, Section 10). Since computer power was the critical resource, efficiency of processing became the main goal.

Emphasis was placed on automating existing process such as purchasing or paying, often within single department as indicated by Jeffrey A. Hofer on Modern System Analysis and Design (1996). A major purpose of a database system is to provide users with an abstract view of data.That is the system hides certain details of how the data are stored and maintained as stated by Abraham Silberschatz, Database System Concepts (1999). A database is an organized collection of facts and information. An organizations database can contain facts and information on customers, employees, inventory, competitors, sales information and much more. Most Managers and executive believe a database is one of the most valuable and important parts of a computer-based Information System in accordance with Ralph M.

Stair’s Fundamentals of Information System (2001) Chapter 3THEORITICAL FRAMEWORK 3.1 Conceptualization: The research – TRI STAR ENROLLMENT SYSTEM – The purpose of this study is to fulfill a better system that will serve as a more reliable tool in registering and enrolling students in an institute. The study is to show the advantages and disadvantages that arise in the computerized enrollment system. The study is to show the innovation of registration and enrollment systems. This project optimistically will lighten the works and compilation about student files and will less the cases of lost files. 3.2 Research Paradigm: 3.3 Definition of Terms: Data- Database- Database management system- Innovation- Chapter 4 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 4.

1 System Design: 4.2 Data Gathering Procedure: The procedures in writing a dissertation lie mainly on your skills in formatting the correct chapters. From the Introduction to Conclusion, it is about having a good sequence of information to let your readers understand your research study. However, all of your research scopes will not have any significance if not for a good data gathering methodology process. Thesis writing involves many chapters.But for the mean time, let us concentrate on the importance of the methodology part where data gathering procedures are enclosed. From undergraduate papers to doctoral dissertations, the data gathering methodology aspect provides the degree of reliability for your answer to the thesis statement. This is because of the fact that the statistical numerical data will be extracted from the analysis process.

Such condition puts a degree of importance to data gathering because an analysis cannot be executed without valid data sets. You may have previously asked “what is research proposal ?”.Today, you may be wondering what different modes of data gathering methodology techniques that you could utilize.

Here are some of the basic statistical forms of acquiring data values. —-Experimental Design-lets you take down data values under a controlled setting; usually done inside a laboratory. —-Surveying-can help you understand the attitudes and behavior of your subjects if the study is about human conditions; a survey questionnaire is usually used for surveys. —-Interviewing-conducts person to person acquisition of information; requires a lot of time to complete the respondents’ sets of interviewees. -Data Mining – a process of conducting researches using document materials coming from the library, research institutions and private and government organizations. Data gathering methodology can increase the credibility factor of your character as a researcher. If you have conducted the appropriate data acquisition technique, then your study will have a greater impact to the readers in terms of reliability.

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