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Last updated: February 5, 2019

The desire to improve and necessitate change has always motivated man to seek for better avenues and opportunities in their careers. It is a focal point of the willingness and dedication to overcome struggles and hardships. Amidst the increasing diversity and competition in the workplace, the drive for achievement and success shall remain to be the primary objective. With this mindset, I wish to present my intention to apply in the Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

I believe that Pharmacy is an integral part of the health system; a process linked towards enhancing and facilitating cure for patients. Looking back, the summer after I graduated from high school, I became very ill. I went to the emergency room but the doctors there didn’t give me personal care and treated me as a case and not a patient. After leaving the hospital, I went to a pharmacy and he gave me personal care and treated me very warmly. It is in here that I decided what I wanted to be. With this motivation, it enabled me to seek for education and training so as to help guide my long term and short term goals. Understanding that by having this formal training, I can extract the needed competency and skills needed to advance in my chosen field and profession.The degree is aligned with my immediate goals because it coincides with the desire to serve other people in need.

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I wanted to see that cure be facilitated and be made possible among patients. Being a licensed pharmacist, I can be part of the discovery and research that caters to further individual betterment. On the other hand, my long term professional goal involves working with a reputable organization or company that caters to creating medicines for people. Thus, this degree can serve as a foundation and benchmark in attaining these relevant goals.To supplement these goals, I had been involved in various opportunities which enabled my eyes to be opened to the opportunities available for this profession.

Before, I used to work for a pharmacy. During this time, I saw the dedication of each one in giving out medicines to patients. Also, I saw their noble intentions of creating changes for these people. On the other hand, I also was a volunteer in a clinic every Saturday. This developed the passion and determination to serve other people. The undying effort to create possibilities for others has given me the strength to apply for this position.In the end, I hope that my application be considered by the admissions committee.

It is a vital component for the attainment of short and long term objectives. By allowing me to have the formal education, I can share my skills and expertise among patients who need utmost attention. Given the many job opportunities available in that field such as research, retail, clinical, there’s not a defined road that you have to follow, you can branch and go wherever you like. That is why, despite the struggles and challenges present in the degree, at the end of the day, my hard work and perseverance shall prevail and give me the strength to pursue forward.


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