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Internships will provide students the opportunity to test their interest in a particular career before permanent commitments are made. • Internships will provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the formal functional activities of a participating organization.

M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 1 Scope To get an exposure to business world. Apply theoretical knowledge into practical use. M.

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Tech(MEM), SJCE 2 Introduction to world of business • Standard International Trade Classification is a classification of goods used to classify the exports and imports of a country to enable comparing different countries and years.The classification is maintained by United Nations. • Under machinery and transport equipment classification, M/s Trident Powercraft Private Limited, power- generation machinery and equipment category is pertinent to M/s Emerson. M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 3 Company profile • The company •EMERSON was established on 20th of April, 2000 Electric Company, USA, a fortune 500 company, acquired Trident Powercraft Private Limited for Leroy Somer Power Generation on 13th of February 2009. M. Tech(MEM), SJCE Cont… • One of the largest manufacturers of alternators in India.

• The manufacturing facilities of the company are located at Bangalore and Hubli in the State of Karnataka in India. Bangalore Office • Area – 8 Acres • Manpower- 275 Operators & 125 Staff Hubli Office • Area- 5 Acres • Manpower- 156 Operators & 37 Staff M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 5 Vision •To be a globally trusted, respected company offering competitive products and services and to be the preferred choice of customers.Mission • Mission is to excel in all area of operations through rapid continuous improvements, creating an environment that ensures enduring relationship with all stakeholders, our employees, business partners, shareholders, society and nature. Belief • The company believes that customers, both internal and external, are the rational of our business existence. M.

Tech(MEM), SJCE 6 Certifications ISO 9001 : 2008 certified • CE Certified AC Generators • CSA Approved (Canadian Standards) • U.L Certified AC Generators • Certified by DGS&D • Central Power Research Institute, Product Certifying Body • Bharath Sanchar Nigam Limited Approved • EMS • OHSAS (Occupation Health Safety Assessment Series) • M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 7 Important people in the company Positions Managing Director (India) Chief Finance Officer (India) Chief Secretariat Director- Technical Head- Design Sr. General Manager- MMD Name Ashok Brij Matthew Walton Gopalakrishna Hegde ChandiraKumar S Gangadhar C K H Kulkarni General Manager- SSG General Manager- Manufacturing General Manager- Marketing General Manager- HR & ADMINNandaKumar S Thirumal Anand B Jorapur Manjunath M V M M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 8 Product Profile AC Generators Range of Generators: 2. 5 kVA – 1250kVA 3 – phase 3.

0 kVA – 63 kVA 1- phase Applications DG Sets Customer List: KOEL (Kirloskar Oil Engine Ltd. ) 2. 5 kVA AC Gen 200 kVA AC Gen Mahindra and Mahindra Ashok Leyland 625 kVA Double Bearing AC Gen M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 625 kVA PMG AC 9 Cont… DC Machines Range of Motors 0. 37KW to 1500KW Applications • Paper mills • Sugar mills • Cement mills • Steel rolling mills.

Customers: • TDPS • Niehoff M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 10 Contd…Induction Generators • The company’s third product is Induction generators for wind mill energy application. Range of Generators: • up to 600 KW • Currently designing for 2. 1MW Wind generator Applications: Wind Mills. Customers: Pioneers INOX M.

Tech(MEM), SJCE 11 M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 12 M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 13 Departments 1. 2.

3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. HR & Admin Department Marketing Department Manufacturing Department Material Management Department Strategic Group Department Production Engineering Department Product Support Department Finance & Accounts Department Quality (Incoming & Testing) Department Sales Department EHS Department M.Tech(MEM), SJCE 14 Shop floor process layout M.

Tech(MEM), SJCE 15 PPEs used in shop floors Hand Gloves • Goggles • Shoes • Safety Belts • Ear Plugs • Apron • Masks etc. , • M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 16 Vendor Visits Pearl Insulation – Supplies enameled copper coils • Maruthi Electricals – Stator coil winding & testing • Bagadia Chaitra industry – Stator stampings • VJ Industries – Stator stacking • M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 17 Mile stones Market leaders in India for AC generators ranging from 5 kVA to 200 kVA. • Trident Powercraft Pvt. Ltd. Became division of Leroy Somer in 2006.

• The company got acquired by Emerson Electric Co. s a division of Power Generation of India on 13 th February 2009. • M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 18 People interacted Head of all the departments • Some of the vendors those supply the company raw materials. • M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 19 Training methods undergone On the job Training: • Mentoring • Assignments Off the job Training: • Class room training M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 20 Areas of training HR Department: • Auditing • Training and Development • Competency mapping EHS Department: • Auditing Production Department: • Process of the company’s products.

Soft Skills Training M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 21 Observations • Majority ortion of the AC machines around 95% is purchased by KOEL. The company is giving good training facilities to their employees. • Provides • The • The the transportation facilities. company is undergoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. company is following good cultural ethics, wherein morning prayer is part of it. • It has a good technical support from their employees.

They are all well qualified personnel and also they are well trained personnel. • Environment •The company • Trident is taken care. having highly equipped modern manufacturing plant. Powercraft Pvt Ltd is one of the fast growing companies.

M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 22 Conclusion Trident Powercraft Pvt Ltd policy is to service continuously for improvement of their products, services and also to give quality products to their customer and thus to increase their creditability. TPPL is one of the growing units in the field of Diesel Generator Sets. The employee are provided with very good facilities and has very good working environment and work culture which in turn making better profits year by year. So I would like to conclude that TRIDENT POWERCRAFT PVT LTD.

is a healthy organization. M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 23 Thank You M. Tech(MEM), SJCE 24


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