The ability and knowledge of a man is a function of his or her involvement in the things that can add values to his or her life and the life of others. All through my developmental stages, I have harnessed all opportunities to develop myself and to relate with people that can add value to my life. I always ensure that everything I would be involved in, will add value to my personality.My passion for music  was borne out of my desire affect my generation through music, since I have it in mind to change the world, Right from my high school, I have been exposed to musical training. Some of the benefits include the ability to mix with many people with diverse culture and background, through my music.

It has changed the way I think and evaluate the world, it has also giving me a lot of exposure to many countries which has erupted in me the urge to study in to know more about music.After much effort I was admitted to study music (classical voice) at the City College. I love the style and the way we were being taught, but, I want to explore new ground, I want to study in a school that will impart enough knowledge into me that will carry me through my future demand.

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I want to study in a school that is specific for music which is Mannes school of music. I love to study under the lecturer that have make impart in the field of music, I also want to associate with other students who are studying music so that we can be of help to one another.I know I have all it takes to study and excel in Mannes school of music, I have performed excellently well in my formal school: city college and I know I will do well if I am admitted eventually. I will forever be grateful if my application is giving a favorable consideration.



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