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Last updated: February 28, 2019

The turnover rates in the East Coast for hospital staff had been declining over the last quarters. This article provides statistical evidence in terms of the vacancy rates and turnover rates of hospital staff with importance given to part-time and full time nurse, pharmacists and radiology technicians (VHA, 2006). For the East Coast, the vacancy rates for the first quarter for all employees is on average of 5%, the first quarter average is 4.

6% of which Virtua had 4%, Our Lady of Lourdes had 4.1% and Cooper had 5.2%.  The turnover rates for all employees excluding per diems is on average 11.

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9%. The turnover rates of Virtua for the first quarter is 13.5%, Our Lady of Lourdes had 13.,7% while Cooper’s had 17.1%.

Turnover rates for full time and part time staff was also identified, the average full time turnover rate is 10.4% while for the part-time is 18.2%. Full time staff turnover rates for Virtua is 12%, Our Lady of Lourdes has 11.

8% and Cooper had 14.1%, for the part time staffs turn over rates for Virtua is 18.4% Our Lady of Lourdes is 19.9% and Cooper had 22.5%. From this data, it is evident that turnover rates is greater than vacancy rates and that hospital tend to lose more part time workers than full time staffs.As to the positions of hospital staff that experiences greater turnover rates were identified to be registered nurses, pharmacists and radiology technicians.

The vacancy rates for registered nurses for Virtua is 9.1%, Our Lady of Lourdes is 5.2% and Cooper is 6.

7%. The turn over rates of registered nurses for Virtua is 8%, Our Lady of Lourdes is 11.5% and Cooper is 13.3%.

Again, turn over is higher than vacancy rates. Of the registered nurses turnover rates, full time RN’s for Virtua leave at 7.9%, Our Lady of Lourdes is at 11.5% and Cooper is at 13.5%. For the part time RN’s, Virtua had a turn over rates 7.

7%, Our Lady of Lourdes is at 10.9% while Cooper has 12.9%. When compared between full time and part time RN turnover rates, the values is almost similar, although there is more full time RN leaving the hospital than the part-time RN’s. Pharmacists and Radiology technicians had also been reported to be increasing in turn over rates, in Virtua, pharmacists leave at 4.5%, while in Our Lady of Lourdes its 52.

2% and Cooper had 6.7%. Our Lady of Lourdes had the highest turnover for pharmacists in the region. Radiology technicians in Virtua have a turnover of 7.45, Our Lady of Lourdes had 8% and Cooper had 17%. The turnover rates for the East Cost in general may have showed a decrease in the trends; however, individual hospitals can still be affected adversely by higher turn over rates.ReferenceVHA East Coast Vacancy and Turnover Rates 2006


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