1984: the Comparisons of Modern Day United States and Oceania of 1984

The Comparisons of Modern Day United States and Oceania of 1984 In the novel 1984, author George Orwell depicts Oceania as well as the four ministries.

In this paper, it will described the similarities and differences between the Oceanic Society of Orwell’s 1984 and the society that of the U. S. The three main differences between these two nations are the legal systems of societies, and the privacy people have or don’t have.

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In 1984, the four ministries that help drive the Oceania government are the Ministries of Truth, Love, Plenty and Peace. What are the Ministries? The Ministries consist of four parts, love, plenty, peace and the truth.The Ministry of Truth, also known as “Minitrue”, is called the Records of Department.

Located in this department is where the government can change history to the point that it makes them look good. The Party does not want people talking about the past because it could then affect the Party standards. Because the party has the power to change history, they can eliminate people to “doublethink” because that means they have a thought that goes against the party. In the novel itself, Winston changes a section in a newspaper because he was to correct articles that had to be with the Party’s Standards.This is a perfect example of changing history. If the people do not cooperate, this leads to the next Ministry, the Ministry of Peace. What is the Ministry of peace? The ministry of peace focuses on the war that is going on.

This is when controlling parties take over and manipulate others, the people that rebel or disagree but they will still continue to be controlled. The Ministry’s “goal” is to make Oceania a place where everyone could live in peace. In the novel itself, to make sure that the people believed a war was going on, they would bomb their own city to scare the people living there.Since everyone was afraid of such bombings, they soon believed that a war was going on. To make sure that all the people live in peace and harmony, the Ministry of Plenty exists.

What is the Ministry of Plenty? The ministry of plenty looks after the economic affairs. The people say that this ministry staves people, but their point is that only privileged people get proper food. They make sure that the good food is given to the Inner Party and the alright food is shared among the other parties. In 1984, the Inner Party is the Upper-Class in Oceania.

They have privileges so; therefore, they have better treatments.They are able to turn off telescreen whenever they want, unlike other people. These treatments to the other parties are effected in the Ministry of Love. What is the Ministry of Love? In the Ministry of Love, they maintain law and order in Oceania. They make sure that people do not try and think about getting rid of Big Brother and help others believe in the right things, the things the Inner Party wants them to think. If people do not obey the ministry of love, they would continued to be tortured until they have obeyed and agreed with what the Party wants you to believe.These four ministries help divide the differences between Oceania of 1984 and the U.

S. One of the similarities in 1984 and the U. S. are the different classes of people. In the Oceanic society, author George Orwell explains that there were 3 classes of citizens, the Inner Party who had all the power, the Outer Party who worked for the government in one of the four Ministries and the proles who were the lower class people who did not quality or belong to the Outer nor Inner parties. The society in Modern day U.

S. also has 3 classes.The first one is the Upper class, which are Senators or Generals who can do what they please or want. The second one is the Middle Class which are people who work for other people or for the government, the people who continue to work hard. Last but not least, the 3rd class is the lower class or the poor class which are the unemployed or work hard jobs for little or almost no money. The overall point in this similarity is that the classes are divided into different opportunities. The Upper Classes still have more freedom than any of the other classes.

The 2nd similarity is that both governments of Oceania and the U. S. believe that “War is Peace. ” (Orwell, 27) In the government of Oceania, they believed that the only way to have peace was through war and strength. In the U. S, we went to Iraq for reasons that some feel were not right.

The main argument here is that we went to war with Iraq on the basis that they had weapons of mass destruction but none was to be found. So were we actually lied to as the people in Oceania were? The last and final similarity is that both governments have their hands and control on every aspect of society’s life.In the novel, Orwell described Oceania as having absolute control over people’s lives. Even though the control the US government has over people’s lives these days is not as bad as compared to the book.

For example, in the book, “Winston turned round abruptly. He had set his features into the expression of quiet optimism which it was advisable to war when facing the telescreen. ” (Orwell, 5) In this short scene, fear runs so deep in Winston that by changing face expressions, it allows him to pass the telescreen without suspicion.In Oceania, the telescreen controls every aspect of life. In the US government, however, the government or the CIA monitors telephone calls, television programming and so on. Between Oceania and the US, there are also many differences as well. One difference is that in the US government, it has the constitutional right to “Due Process” which guarantees right to a fair and public trial and right to be heard in one’s own defense.

To be arrested by police, the court has to have witnesses and evidence to trial. Usually in the US, cruel punishment is not given.However, in Oceania, as soon as the government even suspects you of a thought crime or any other crime even without evidence, they give you an immediate sentence without any right to fair and public trial. This difference is tremendously uneven. The second difference is that in Oceania, privacy is not a choice, neither in your home nor work, or the streets. The things limits these rights are the helicopters that hover by your home, and watch you in the window as well as the telescreen created to watch people. However, in the US, there is a privacy law in homes that the government cannot watch you unless a warrant is issued.

If do so, it is a national security or felony. People should be able to have much more freedom, choices and opportunities. In conclusion, there are many more similarities and differences between the 2 societies. In general, the government and its duty changes every day and more and more control take over people’s lives. This is why we and everyone should be careful what choices you make and what opportunities you choose because it will take part in the development of our great nation no matter how small the contribution may be.

Remember, we can control what path we take in life.



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