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Last updated: March 14, 2019

Its our duty to keep our city clean because it repersent that which types of people live in that city.

or make city clean following steps is important – 1. Educate the people about it. 2.

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do not use plastic bag. 3. do not through garbage in the open area. 4. grow plants. 5. use solar energy because it does not produse residue Young student like me must start to do something worth-remembering and that is to keep the world clean and green.

I heard a question that is raised, “how can you do that”? I must say, “we will work together to start this”. Some points I want to emphasize are the following: First, let’s keep the world clean and green by recycling and cleaning the world.This point includes different kinds of pollution from massive factories and smoking pollution that would kill us because of lung cancer. No tobacco, no pollution. We must clean every sort of pollutions and to protect one another. Second, disposal of proper waste products must be observed properly. There must be biodegradable and non-biodegradable bin, and every one must not litter anywhere. Third, stop cutting of trees although it is legal or illegal logging.

Are you now wandering why we have floods in various places? Precisely, that is the result of cutting down trees that would let go off waters.People are practicing illegal loggings. Shame on us! We must stop hurting our environment. Stop cutting down trees. If no more trees around us, there would be no more fresh oxygen that is useful for us to breathe.

Let’s continue planting more trees, plants, and flowers the will make the world glow instead of destructing it. Keep the world safe by helping people plant plants. Fourth, all mentioned points are impossible, if no one would take effect. I am challenging everyone to start the change within you and influence others. We must have hope love, courage and peace in doing this in order to keep the world clean and green.Lastly, do you want to know which school promotes this banner of keeping the world clean and green? That is the school where I belong, it is my beloved Chumchonwatnongkor. This school helps us to obtain another step of higher quality education.

As a matter of fact, this school provides every sort of materials just to enhance students speak correctly and properly Chinese and of course.. There are many countries that always struggle with excessive garbage and vandalism. But what could people do to do something about it? To help keep their country clean?Many countries have many organisations both large, small or even communities that are aware about the cleanliness of their country.

Having a clean country helps tourism and even improves the lives of many residents, let’s face it, everybody like to live in a clean environment. The problem of these organisations is that it is difficult to collect data about which location is actually being abused with vandalism or excessive garbage. What anyone could do is to start initiatives to help these communities and organisations locate abuse. How about the idea of creating an online community where any average person can contribute to this ommunity by simply filling in a report form, and it automatically sets up a report page? Such a system would aim to provide anyone who is interested, both organisations and individuals to view these reports.

The availability of the world-wide-web is introduced to more and more people every day, with governments creating schemes and internet providers lowering their costs to offer cheaper internet. These kind of initiatives help progress, and as more time goes by, the internet is becoming more of a standard for communication, information and advertisement than any other medium.All this progress help push online communities to connect and involving more people. Why should one contribute to society? Well the answer is simple, wouldn’t you like that the area where you live, or the places you frequent to be clean? By having these kinds of communities throughout the world, we could make life easier for these organisations and have cleaner areas just by contributing a small amount of time. If everyone where to report just one abused location, imagine what a difference it could make to the world.


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