Maslow’s Theory of Needs

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Last updated: March 15, 2019

Maslow’s Theory of Needs: It is a psychological theory founded by Abraham Maslow in 1943.

The pyramidal table is made for the purpose of meeting the specific needs and requirements of man. Dina. (2010) Starting from the bottom of the pyramid stating the most needed which are: Breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis, and excretion; and the less need which are self actualization like morality and problem solving. The Importance of Maslow’s Theory of Needs Many Businesses run by skilled managers very much appreciate the use of Maslow’s theory of needs.

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Every manager has to be aware of the primary things of needs for their customers, they reflect on the model above to fulfill the needs of the customers. Companies have to know what kind of business are they running, and what are the specific needs of customers they need to fulfill; and Abraham Maslow’s theory is just the perfect set of example for many businesses even though not all will reach the highest point of the hierarchy. Physiologically: The Sand Corps consists of a variety of hotels that is located in many areas.Maslow’s theory of needs starts at the very bottom indicating the most important needs of customers, which are Breathing, food, water, sex sleep, homeostasis, and excretion. The SANDS Casino has well met the standard physiologically; they provide food, and shelter.

They fulfill this level as all of their hotels provide a wide range of food, beds and rooms. The wide range of food is from fast food to fine dining. In addition, the bed and rooms will satisfy and pleasure the customer. Another primary need of human physiologically is sex; The SANDS corp. owever does not meets this primary need as they keep an appropriate profile in all their hotel chains including the one in Las Vegas, but they open cabaret shows for guest to enjoy responsibly. The SANDS hotel chain provide huge no.

Of accommodation around 5000 rooms for different prices starting from luxury suite rooms (± 140 CHF/Night in The Venetian Las Vegas) and (200 CHF/ Night in SANDS Macau) for guest all over the world especially tourist coming from outside America; it has been reported that the biggest market is in fact coming from China.Another physiologically aspect from Maslow’s theory of needs are Homeostasis and Excretion. Both needs are fully provided by the accommodations and the Casino itself. “They try to make your experience an enjoyable one the rooms are reasonable and the restaurant” (D. Raymond. 2012) Safety: This hotel provides high security in front of the hotels in order to have the guest sleeping safely.

Most of the hotels have a doctor inside or if the customer is sick the front office can help by calling a doctor to assist the customer who is sick.Furthermore the hotels employ the workers who follow the vision: For example on of the Sands hotel in Singapore is connected to the mall. Customers should feel safe and secure, as there are cases of kidnapping or even robbery. The hotel is patrolled by securities due to the prevention of vandalism, fire and illegal activities. As a guarantee for their employees, they offer covered health insurances. Love and belonging: This casino hotel, they aim for guest comfort.

The Sands Casino corp. , which is available in some parts of Asia and USA, Pennsylvania.Macau: Sands Macau, The Venetian Macau, Four seasons hotel Macau Singapore: Marina Bay Sands USA: The Venetian, The Palazzo, SANDS expo, SANDS Bethlehem. However, the hotel does not meet the standard for the love and belonging since the casino hotel is not family friendly.

But there are some attractions that are suitable for children such as the ‘gondola ride’ originally adapted from Venice, Italy offered by all the hotels. Esteem The fourth ladder in Maslow’s theory of needs is Esteem. It is basically about self-achievement, respect for others and respect by others.The SANDS Casino hotel chain perfectly fits this ladder. Their aim is to make guest comfortable and to treat guests with full respect.

As a matter of the perspective of the guest, Self-esteem is gained when guest scores high in the casino. The phrase ‘you win some, you loose some’ applies in this category. Self-Actualization: The ‘less important’ of the theory of human specific needs is Self-Actualization; including, morality, spontaneity, creativity, problem solving, lack of prejudice, and acceptance of facts. These factors are what the company is looing for in the matter of hiring their employees.Every employee working in the SANDS Casino hotel is required to have these traits; to provide unforgettable experience for each and every guest. They have badged in their mission statement to create an experience for their guest that will exceed all others while treating all team members well. As for the guest, Self-Actualization comes in the category of the highest point of the Maslow’s theory of needs. When a customer gambles in the casino it is counted as problem solving and acceptance of facts, which comes in that category.

In conclusion, The SANDS Casino Corporation has met the standards in fulfilling the guest’s specific needs.


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