Classical Design Versus Modern Design

December 1, 2010 Classical Design versus Modern Design There are many different design styles. Some are very similar, such as traditional and classical and some are complete opposites, such as classical and modern. These two design styles are opposite in just about every way. In the modern design style the focus is on simplicity and asymmetry whereas in the classical design style the focus is on balance and symmetry. In the modern design style there is a feeling of less is more.An example of this would be clutter; all clutter should be put away.

The only items in the room should be functional. In classical design style there should always be an equal amount of items. An example of this is a grand marble fireplace with a pair of sconces on either side and a large elaborate gold mirror on top to crown the fireplace. The color schemes for both design styles are complete opposites.

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In the modern design the color scheme is futuristic colors, such as silvers, bronzes, coppers and blues.It is also very common in the modern design style to have a plain white wall so that the focus is only on the items in the room not on the wall color. With the white walls the color should come in on the fabrics, furniture and accessories. In the classical design style the color scheme takes its cues from nature with such colors as yellows, blues, greens, browns and softer muted tones such as terracotta’s, grays and pinks. Faux finishes are very common in classical design. The most popular faux finishes are a large tone on tone stripe or stenciling on the wall.In the classical design style color is everywhere in the room. However, it usually works best if the large pieces of furniture, such as the sofa, are a neutral color and the punches of color come into play with the smaller items, such as the pillows for sofa, rug, chairs and draperies.

The fabrics used in both design styles are another area where they differ. In the modern design style it is best to use soft and soothing fabrics. A popular fabric to use is one that has a geometric pattern. This is a great way to infuse color into the room. The draperies in a modern room should be ery streamlined, sleek and simple. In the classical design style it is best to use elegant but reserved fabrics.

A great fabric to use is one that has a damask pattern. The fabrics used should be cotton, canvas and velvets. To add that extra little punch to a classical design style use silk or taffeta fabrics. The draperies in a classical room should be very full and luxurious. The furniture used in these two design styles is very important in getting across the style that you are trying to achieve. The furniture used in the modern design style is very clean lined.It is often very sleek, smooth with polished finishes.

If you are doing a modern bedroom the bed should be low to the ground and made of light woods or metal. If you are doing a modern living room try to infuse some geometric shapes, such as a round or L shaped sofa. The furniture used in the classical design style is often constructed of dark woods and finely crafted detail. If you are doing a classical bedroom a great bed to use is a large four poster Queen Anne style bed. If you are doing a classical living room you should use sofas and chairs that have rolled arms and an arched back.The tables used should be intricate with Queen Anne style legs.

When accessorizing these two design styles the approach to take is totally opposite from each other. In the modern design style use as little accessories as possible and the ones you use should be very minimal. They should take up as little wall space as possible. It is very important in the modern design style to use accessories that exhibit striking shapes or forms.

An example of a modern accessory would be a really sleek and shiny lamp or really cool pieces of abstract artwork that have a lot of different shapes.In classical design style it is important to use classical ornamentations of common motifs such as Roman and Greek inspired columns, busts and urns. Another example of a great accessory in classical design is to use a large natural fiber area rug that is bounded by a classically inspired pattern such as a Greek key. It is extremely important to have two of everything. For example use two matching lamps on a sofa table or two coordinating pieces of art on walls. These items do not need to match exactly they just need to coordinate well with each other.In modern design style function is the most important key.

Organization of all the clutter should be a top priority in modern design. There should be plenty of storage to keep items tucked away and out of sight. A modern room is clutter free.

Modern design style entails proper space utilization. There should also be a lot of natural light. For example the room should have very large windows. Classical design style is steeped in tradition and it should have a touch of timeless elegance. There is usually one large focal point in a classical designed room; usually this is a large gold mirror.If you were to cut a classical designed room in half one side of the room should reflect the other side. Both of these design styles are the most popular styles used today.

It is also very common for people to combine these two design styles together for a very eclectic look.Works Sited:http://www. buzzle.

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