A Visit to Gene Autry Museum

The Autry National centre Cuts across various cultures with emphasis on the American West. Some of the arms  include the Institute for the study of the America and also 2 museum centres.The founding fathers of the gene Auntry museum are Gene Aunty, Joanne Hale .Gene doubles as an actor and musician  and he is married to Jackie .

The museum was founded in 1988 and it is located in California in the Griffith Park. The goal of Auntry at the inception was to establish a museum that would be capable of showcasing the western culture with the view to influencing America and the World. Today the name of the museum is called the museum of the American west.Some of the past achievements of the women in the west is that it has been in the forefront of the agitation for female suffrage, emancipation and enfranchisation culminating in the suffrage movement which was a landmark that started in the year 1869. The Wyoming ratified a total, unbiased and egalitarian suffrage for innumerable women summing up to a thousand. This new development about the right of women like a communicable disease disseminated towards the rocky mountainous areas.

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When Colorado won the election by whopping amount of votes towards the end of the 19th century, there was obvious exhilaration in the atmosphere as one of the newspaper reports that  the: “land shall be for the womenfolk henceforth”. Some of the past exhibits produced by the women of the west museum include Drawn Together: Women make art in the America West. It was showcased at the Boulder museum of the contemporary Art in Colorado. It was also presented in various places like the Sangre de Cristo Arts Centre, and also the Durango Arts centre. The Auntry National centre was a product of the merging of the Women of the West Museum and the south western Museum of the American Indian in 2004.

The Homestead Act was another initiative that led to securing a permanent residency in the West by the citizens of the United States and also creating the opportunity of becoming land owners by quite a large number of the American populace. These lands were goodies of war and pact with the American Indians. As part of its efforts towards the sustenance and promotion of the unrivalled leadership, visionary and benevolent legacy of Charlie Butcher and Jane Butcher, the Butcher scholarship award is a yearly award originated early in 2001 by the women of the west in support of scholastic project which not only demonstrate innovation and ingenuity in concept but also facilitate and predicate the hallmarks of the museum. Some of the past winners include the likes of Jackie autie, Mary Casey (2003) and also Jane Butcher.The scholarship award could be up to a sum of five thousand United States dollars and it’s usually in Proportion to the extent and complexity of the project.

Such projects if eventually approved are usually showcased in Autry National centre and could also be displayed on the website of the auntry national centre. The scholarship award is usually funded by donations from well meaning individuals who share the same vision with the Gene Auntry museum. It promotes research works on women and gender with emphasis on the effects and influence of experience acquired by women on the American West history. The Chair of the women of the West at the institute for the Study of America West is Virginia Scharff who also doubles as a Don at the New Mexico University where she teaches history.

She has a lot of research works to her name in the field of History. She is a woman of multidimensional talents .She is an editor and also a writer.

She is at present working at the Museum of the American West as exhibition and program developer in the areas of gender and women. Home land: How a woman made the west is one of her works slated for 2010.


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