Abraham Lincoln and the American Dream

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Last updated: June 7, 2019

Abraham Lincoln, one of America’s greatest presidents, earned this reputation because of the man that he was.

He had many goals and visions for the country. He had outstanding leadership skills during the Civil War and was known as “Honest Abe. ” But the main reason is because he maintained the Union. Abraham Lincoln is known today as America’s greatest president and is all over American history. He is in every history book and even has books solely about him.

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Children learn about him in school starting in Kindergarten and then for years after that. Lincoln preserved the union and brought the northern and southern states back together. Abraham Lincoln endured the Civil War inspiring the nation with the Gettysburg address and standing up for America. He gave his life and he sacrificed fellow Americans so that it wouldn’t be separated. Lincoln managed the Union states during the war. He wanted industry to prosper so everyone could work and have equality all around.He consistently showed his passion for this country and tried to do what was right.

“Honest Abe,” he earned this nick name because he wanted nothing but honesty in the white house. When he was younger it is said that he was a store clerk and when he shortchanged a women six cents he followed her to her home and returned the change. He made it a point to be a righteous and honest man. He became the American symbol for the American dream that with hard work you can do anything. He abolished slavery starting with the Emancipation Proclamation.This did not automatically give colored people equal rights but it was the beginning to the end of slavery. Lincoln ignited the fire for equality for all American citizens.

For many more years segregation would be prominent but if it wasn’t for Lincoln it would have taken a much longer period of time for equality to persevere. Abe Lincoln was the first president to be assassinated, but he is remembered and honored everyday. He gave his life for our freedom. He fulfilled the dream of equality and equal opportunity regardless of race.

He is the American dream.


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