Abraham Lincoln the Greatest President Ever

There have been forty-four presidents throughout the course of American history, but only a few can be classified as a great president. Of those few historians’ rank Abraham Lincoln, also know as “the great Emancipator”, as the greatest president that ever lived.

He is accredited with preserving the union, freeing the slaves, and enacting various new policies. Lincoln was a strong, confident president who remained steadfast in his principles. At a time of crisis he led the nation into an unpopular civil war.He could have gone the easy route, and ignored the Confederate States of America, ergo avoiding conflict.

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However, he felt that the union was something exceptional, and was worth preserving. Lincoln was less concerned about his own personal life and what people thought of him. He remained strong and he fought for our country and his principles. President Lincoln gave his life and sacrificed the lives of his fellow American so the union would be preserved.Many historians question Lincoln’s motives for entering the civil war. While Lincoln states that it was in order to preserve the union some historians believe that he was hoping to end slavery upon victory.

However, it doesn’t matter what his motives were because when it comes down to it slavery was ended because of him. He issued the emancipation proclamation that abolished slavery for good. This Act illustrates his courage because he had the gall to do the moral and proper thing against all odds.President Lincoln also passed various legislations during his presidency.

Firstly, he enacted the Morrill Act, which helped with the setting up of agricultural and mechanical colleges in each state. Secondly, he supported the Homestead Act, which made millions of acres of land in the West available at very low prices. Thirdly, In order to bolster the economy, he signed the National Banking Act that provided for the creation of a network of national banks as well as established the first paper currency.

Fourthly, Lincoln empowered trade and transport by signing the Pacific Railway Acts of 1862 and 1864 that chartered the first continental railroad. These legislations alone put Lincoln on the map of greatness. In conclusion, Lincoln was president at a particularly difficult time in our history. Instead of cracking under pressure Lincoln remained strong.

He was a great leader who despite all odds reunited the union, and freed the slaves. In Addition, he still had the time to enact legislation that lasted for many years. Therefore, Lincoln is most definitely the greatest president ever.



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