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Last updated: March 23, 2019

I, (your name) is requesting for your permission to allow me to transfer at your university. I am an international student from (your country) and I am planning to pursue my career and take up some courses in economics and political science.

The university’s vision to be one of the leaders in the economic development made me decide to apply for admission in the university. Since I want to study economics, I think that the university will be a good place to start. Another reason is that, I want to grab the opportunity to study abroad and experience further education in a competitive academic institution.  I believe that the university has the capacity to develop and hone the students’ academic abilities through the help of the university’s outstanding faculty, courses and education system.The chance to meet, interact and learn from my fellow students also made me come up with this decision. Since I am an international student, I will have the opportunity to deal with other students who have different culture and ideas.

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I believe that by interacting with those students, I will be able to learn new things and further develop my personality and abilities at the same time. Sharing my ideas and experiences with other people is both exciting and challenging and I believe that it is one of the best ways to learn.Lastly, aside from developing myself academically and personally, I will also have the chance to share what I will learn from the university to my friends and fellow students in my country. I am hoping that through me, my friends and fellow students will be able to learn new things not only about the University of Illinois but also about economics and political science.

I believe that my goals of pursuing my studies in economics and political science will benefit me and the society in the future. I hope that the university will help achieve my goals and be part of my success.


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