Independence and determination are two tools I use to accomplish my dreams of becoming a successful economist. I have always been resolved to achieve meaningful successes through my own capacity and hard work.One thing I have always considered to be root for success was education. I believe that there is more than just one kind of education.

I believe in the importance of school curricula but I do not want to be limited by it. Fueled by my determination, I fulfilled my duties as a full-time student in Korea. However, I also sought and found alternative education by immersing myself in the ‘real world.’ I traveled and talked to the people I met, my mentors, about their lives and life lessons. I also decided to open and run my own business.

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I was interested in economics. However instead of reading about its concept, I preferred practicing it.I enjoyed actively participating in my education. However, focusing my efforts too much on my travels and business led my academic grades suffered. For a while my growing first-hand knowledge of business and economic practices kept me satisfied until I moved to the United States. I became aware of the bigger economic principles in practice that were beyond my small business.

As such, it was with an important realization, humility and a renewed spirit and desire for learning that I came back to school. This time around, I resolved to focus my efforts in learning the concepts that back-up the real-life experience of economics. Testaments to my dedication and perseverance in succeeding my resolution are my grades, which are the highest in my class.Improved by my past lessons, I value the foundation that education gives us even more. It allows me more strength in making my own victories.



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