Adolescence Is a Period of Storm and Hurricane

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Name: Debora H. Hasibuan SID: 408141046 Class: Biology Education 1.

“ADOLESCENCE IS A PERIOD OF STORM AND HURRICANE” Adolescence is a period of time between childhood and adulthood. This is the age when one can either make something of his life or destroy it all, this is the time when a person makes those friends who changes the how he looks at life and how he faces it. An adolescent’s main goal these days is to fit in and not be different from their peers. I will explore the probabilities of the following grievances experienced by the adolescent youth which are emotion, ethnicity, and love.

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Adolescence is the developmental stage between childhood and adulthood; it generally refers to a period ranging from teen years through 20s. When I face this stage, there was an unstable emotion in me that was hard to controll. In one time there was an exciting moment that make me feel happy.

When my friend make a small fault that in my view was very big, my happiness changed become anger and the previous moment become lost. I also was a very sensitive teenager, i was irritable to the people who made bad jokes about myself.Emotional fluctuations in adolescent may be related to the variability of hormones and also environmental experiences such as: stress, social relationship.

Moods become less extreme as adolescent move into adulthood, and this decrease in emotional fluctuation may reflect adaptation to hormone level and ability to cope with stress and social relations(Santrock,2007). I was live in Pekanbaru when i face my early adolescence. I was a student in state junior high school. Students in my school was dominated by Melayunese and Minangkabau, Bataknesse was a minority.It was difficult for me when I interacted with my friends, they talked to me using Minang language.

It was a hard time to catch their conversations. They tried to understand me, and asked me in bahasa by using Batak accent “ Debora enggak tau bahasa Minang ya? ”. I answered “Iya, koq kalian ngomongnya cepat kali, aku jadi gak ngerti”. My friends try to understand and train me to using Minang language. Adolescence must develop their identity when they come from minority or majority culture. Developing a positive identity is an important life theme(Santrock,2003).

The adolescents needs for love, affiliation, and affection are very big(Arthur,1998). During adolescence most young persons become more ripe for the experience of “falling in love”. Many of them show romantic attachments to persons of the opposite sex. Not only about love with persons of the opposite sex, love from parents and social environment also needed by adolescents. Less of love, affiliation, and affection from closed people made the adolescent feel alone and they will try to search another unless activities.In conclusion I’d just like to state that adolescence is a period when an individual can either make or mar his future. Adolescence is a time when an adolescent gets easily carried away by all the things he/she is exposed to.

That’s why this period of life is called a period of “storm and hurricane”. If he/she can pass the storm and hurricane, they will be succes in their adulthood. But if not, the contrary thing will be happened. Refferences: Arthur, et. al.

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2007. A Topical Approach To Life Span Development 3rd ed. India: Mc Graw Hill 2. “TEENAGERS SHOULD NOT BE DISCOURAGED FROM HAVING SEX, BUT SHOULD BE PROVIDED WITH SEX EDUCATION AND CONTRACEPTION” Argument: According to Feldman, adolescence is a bridge between the asexual child and the sexual adult(Santrock. 2007).

It is a time of sexual exploration and experimentation with sexual fantasies and realities of incorporating sexuality into one’s identity.Teenagers should not be discouraged from having sex because adolescence is the time to explore and experiment with sex itself. By giving sex education and contraception, they will get their own experiences as they mature their own adult sexuality without getting unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Counterargument: Religious issues are important to adolescents(Matsuba and Walker. 2004). one area of religion’s influence on adolescent development involves sexual activity(Hurlock.

1980). For some religion, having sex before marriage is forbidden.Although teenagers are provided with sex education and contraception, having sex also can result to a free sex condition. If free sex is happened, the moral and also the religion of teenagers will get decrease and may be lost.

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