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Last updated: June 17, 2019

I am one who loves reading magazines, especially those concerned with health, beauty, fashion, and home.

Wherever I am in the library, bookstore or supermarket, I skim at least three magazines to see the newest information in the world of women. Last Saturday, I was in the supermarket doing my usual shopping. While I was waiting for check out, I skimmed the yoga journal for October 2010.It drew my attention an ad about whole wheat bread called OROWEAT.

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It was the first time I see it. I returned quickly to the aisle and get one. This personal incident gave a proof that the ad was successful because it provides health information and it targets different people.

This ad is about slices of bread called OROWEAT. On the middle of it, you can see a package of this product. On the right side, there is a pink high heel shoes titled with the word “want”.And in the left side there is a women sport shoes titled with the word “should”, and under these pictures, you can read this information: Where your wants meet your should- Introducing Oroweat, Health Full – With 80 calories a slice, fiber and protein to help satisfy your hunger, and great-tasting whole grains to indulge your taste buds. That’s satisfaction.

At the bottom of this ad, you can see many slices of this bread, and three kind of this product; one with 100% whole wheat, the second with extra fiber, and the third one is sandwich thins.Next to these products, they say: Health full, another bread perfect from Oroweat. And there is also the logo of the company.

As you can see from this description, the ad targets the woman who is interested by her physical appearance and health weight. We can understand that from the picture of the high heel shoes and women sport shoes. They are both used by women but more frequently by those who care much with their weight.

There is also that phrase say:” Where your wants meet your shoulds”. Which means the consummation of this bread gives the woman good health and more satisfaction about her.It gives a message to woman explain to her how she can meet her nutritional needs and control her weight only by eating oroweat bread. The ad gives a clear vision of the product because we can read what is written on the package “Health Full with protein& fiber to help satisfy your hunger”. We can read also the nutritional contents of the product “ 10 grain – 80 calories per slice – Excellent source of fiber – 5 grains of protein per slice “. I think that all these bulk of information and all the pictures make the ad successful.

It emphasizes at one of the most interesting topic for women today, health.There is another thing in this ad make it successful it targets different people. It refer to other types of this product. There is one100% whole wheat. Another one is with extra fiber. And the other type is a kind of sandwich.

This information gives the audience the opportunity to make different choices. The ad concern women directly. But the product can be consumed also by children as well as men, since woman can reflect her choices to her family.

I can say also that this ad concern all women no matter they are young or old. And whatever are their ethnicities since their big interest is to keep good shape and good health.I can say also it concerns all people no matter their economic status since its price is convenient for all. The way in which the ad is made by the company and introduced to the public, it decides whether the ad will success or not. For this one, I think that the health information and the fact that is for different people make it more successful and make the product more purchased. As a one of these audiences, I choose this product as my favorite bread and I will advise my husband to purchase whenever he go to supermarket.

By: oskarnada.


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