Advertising Industry Regulation in Indonesia

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Last updated: February 1, 2019

According to Edexcel 2004, the regulation of advertising industry are based on the media used, the nature of the products or service advertised and the nature of the business of the advertiser. 1. The media Used, because of the different characteristics of the various media from which an advertiser can choose, different levels of regulation.

Television is the most heavily regulated medium . 2. The nature of the products or servive advertised, varying levels of regulation may exist, for example harmful products such as cigarettes and alcohol, they have a huge level of regulation.However, increased level of regulation also apply where the target audiences could be more easily manupulated because of their credulity.

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3. The nature of the business of the advertiser, products that are categorized as a sensitive nature, might have a greater level of regulation. For example, organizations such as dating agencies are not allowed to advertise on television. However in comparison with Indonesia, they can still advertised on television, such as Take Me Out or Take Him Out. Labelling Regulation Labeling must include the established name, proprietary name (if any), adequate directions for use, and adequate warnings. The agency considers the approved product labeling, to be adequate directions for use and adequate warning. In addition, according to PPPI 2002, Every Indonesian communication industry has to abide the Indonesian advertising ethics, bearing three basic principles, which includes: 1.

Appropriateness -Member has to work appropriately, not against the law and basic etiquette. The basic working standard has the completing effect and not going against morale and the Indonesian advertising ethics. If any ambiguities persist, final decisions should be taken based on morale and the Indonesian advertising ethics.This goes as well for inappropriateness, the basic working standard would be automatically terminated. -Even if the market trends changes as time goes by, the Indonesian basic working standard should never be ignored by local agencies. 2. Justice Member has to implement the Indonesian basic working standard purely and consequently, without distinguishing their clients’ business format.

-Member has the right to use any possible chances of getting profit, and get the risk, depending on their individual competences and effort. -It is the member’s right to use the company’s properties as an effort to get reasonable advantages. 3. Togetherness -Member has to prioritize the company’s importance above its own, and prioritize everybody’s importance above the importance of a minority, and prioritize own team’s importance above other team’s importance.

(PPPI: 2002)


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