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Last updated: February 23, 2019

Factors such as an aging population, technological advances, and the advent of managed care have indeed changed the way health care is being offered and is being perceived in the United States; for one, having an aging population means that the demand for nurses has increased.  Another impact is that of certain technological advances which make it easier to give healthcare at a more affordable rate.  In light of managed care and these other factors, much more is also required of a nurse aside from the standard of health care that was previously provided.

Given the level of competition in this field and the increasing demands for highly specialized and trained nurses, I feel that the only way to continue my career in nursing is by being able to earn a bachelors degree in nursing.  More and more job opportunities these days require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in nursing.While all of these technological advancements in health care have indeed raised the standard of health care being provided in the United States, there are a few intangible factors that can never be replaced.  I see my future role as being able to develop these intangibles.  One important example is the special type of manner by which a nurse must conduct herself in order to be effective in performing her task.  The bedside manners are very important and it is something that just cannot be taught in classrooms.

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  Nurses need to be more than just machines that come in and punch in their time cards but rather professional registered nurses who show their passion and dedication to the profession through their approach and practiceThere will always be future developments in technology and there will always be an aging population.  The key to succeeding in this profession is in maintaining the level of professional conduct that people expect from the nurse and this is the future role that I see myself in the profession of nursing.


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