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Last updated: March 17, 2019

Many people think hours and hours that what should be their aim, the best profession that would suit their lifestyle. There are some people who find their aim when life takes them across the wings of time. But there are some people who are determined and have a goal in life from their very childhood. Such kind of people is not rare in this world. They find out what they should become in life due to the meeting of some people, their passion and the interest that they have gathered from the books they read.My aim in life is to become an enginner. I want to study in Delhi or Mumbai IIT to pursue my studies as an enginner. I got the inspiration of becoming an engineer from my two brothers-both of them are engineers.

The salaries of engineers are handsome, but my further aim is to become a businessman who never has to maintain any budget or face any poverty if he is successful in life. I want to start a real estate housing business-the best business which shows the fruitful rewards of labour.Besides by doing my real estate business I want to improve the infrastructure of my country. I want to make my country India. One of the most developed countries in the world and remove the country from the clutches of poverty.

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Starting a real estate business in Bangalore-my most favourite destination is not so easy as my father is not a crorepati! ,but I will have to fulfill this dream by encouraging private investors to invest money in my business and taking huge loans from bank.I have to take this risk in life because I love taking risks and taking risks is the most essential qualities of an businessman. I also have the quality of taking right decision that the most critical point of my love thus altering history.

I do not like easy money but I like money which is acquired by hard work. The starting of my real estate business is not the full stop of my business life. I want to increase my business expansion from time to time. I also want to open a world class restaurant and a world class ice cream shop in Mumbai.Though sounding simple, the restaurant is one of the things I most like in life. It also shows the fruitful rewards of labour.

For eg:The restaurant dominos once sold one crore pizzas in one day and therefore holds a record for doing this, but I want to break this record like Usain Bolt breaking the record of the world’s fastest man. I do not look at the ice-cream shop as a business centre but I would like to start this shop as I love eating ice-cream Though my dreams are diverse in nature it focuses in only one thing called business


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