Alcoholism and Gnes

The article Alcoholism and Genes was mainly concerning the issue between a person’s genes and how it can affect if they develop alcoholism in their later years. This occurs with the development of the ALDH1, which seems to be more present in the Asian race rather than the European community due to their blood. The ALDH1 gene breaks down acetaldehyde (breakdown product of alcohol) and when there is a different variation in a person’s genes, the enzyme works slower. In Asians, when they have alcohol, the acetaldehyde starts to build up.The gene variant to ALDH1 is found in Asians and this makes them more vulnerable to develop alcoholism.

While this may be one cause of alcoholism, it may also be caused by if someone in your family is diagnosed with alcoholism. This becomes passed throughout the family if many people have it. Some simple symptoms of alcoholism are anxiety and depression. This relates to what we are doing in class because we are speaking about genes and genetics. We’re also learning about genetic disorders which happen when one person is missing a chromosome or has an extra chromosome.Examples can be Down syndrome or Turner Syndrome.

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This also relates to punnett squares. In punnett squares you find the probability of characteristics and you can use one to find out the probability of a person developing alcoholism. This article relates to class and can possibly relate to anybody’s life. This article taught me that alcoholism is a genetic “disease” and is not something to take lightly. It also helped me learn how traits are passed down through generations and it will continue as long as that gene is in the family.



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