All About Me

Kenneth Lai Period 2 9-1-10 I never thought that if I sat down to write about myself, the result would be this.

My name is Kenneth Lai and I was born at Kaiser Hospital in Berkeley, California on November 10, 1993. I live with my Mother, aunt and uncle in San Leandro, California. My mother and father divorced when I was about three years old and as a result, my Mother and I have lived in many different places. My mother works in a lab of some sort, making materials to cure eye problems.I am a very shy person, looking at me you wouldn’t think that I am shy but inside my ego, I am terrified. I love to play and watch sports my favorite sport to play is football. I plan to go to college when I graduate high school; the college that I am aiming for is U.

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C San Francisco. My idol growing up was Bill Gates, he was someone that I always wanted to be like. I am addicted to video games, even when I am bored of the game I am playing, I continue playing it, the controller is glued to my hand (I exaggerate of course). My Mother and I have lived in a lot of places.When I was a youth at the age of five, we were living with my mom’s co-worker and the co-workers mother. After the mother died, my mom decided that she and I should move somewhere else.

About three years later, we moved into another co-workers house. One day my Mother decided that the cooking their was not good and we lived in her car for about three hours and headed back. We moved again about five years after that and we are now happily living with my aunt and uncle. I began my academic life when I entered Dayton elementary school at the age of five.I had some problems but they vanished when I attended middle school. In middle school I was doing great my first two years.

On my third year I wondered why I bothered attending school and that is when my grades plummeted. This trend continued through my freshman year in high school where I failed almost every subject. When I entered my junior year, I decided that it was time to be serious, so I started to do well in school again. My favorite subject by far is math, I just love numbers. My worst subject is foreign languages I just can’t wrap my head around it.

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