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Assignment 3 Adidas +F50 11/25/2010 Conestoga College Dayanna Lopez Francisco Hurtado Target Market Age:15 to 30 Gender: Male or Female Occupation: Amateur and professional soccer players Education: No specific level of education Lifestyle: Active people who play soccer as a recreational activity, and professional soccer players. Demographics Adidas +F50s series is targeted specifically to a soccer audience. Their target market is strictly soccer players that are looking for the best soccer boots in the market. Soccer involves fashion and technology; therefore, there is always some innovative products created to satisfy the players needs. F50s come from a series of “F” Adidas soccer boots. Before the +F50s there were F10s, and F30s. The +F50 series are aimed to an older market, people who are 15 to 30 years old.

As we know, in soccer shoes are the most important part of a player’s gear, as a result, companies spend big amounts of money developing new technologies that can be used in their shoes. Also, we know customers who are older than 18 years of age are more likely to have a higher income; thus, they are willing to spend in a high price premium quality pair of shoes.Adidas +F50 are unisex so women can experience this technology as well. This is important because women soccer is growing rapidly therefore they are also part of the F50 series target audience. Psychographics/Behavioural factors The +F50s series is the new generation, top of the line soccer shoes targeting soccer players that want to continuously improve and upgrade their gear. The series of F50 shoes are the highest priced soccer shoes in the market, though, they also offer the best quality. They are targeted for amateur soccer players and professional players.Adidas +F50 are very pricey and of very high quality targeted more towards professional soccer players.

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Mini Hot Button Profile Status +F50’s has been in the market for quite some time, they have expanded the current market share by attracting a younger audience, especially soccer lovers. Our younger consumer market will become aware of our advertising campaign, if they want to be the best they gotta be and wear the best. We also will inform and convince the potential customers that our product is the best choice they have ever made, and that it will satisfy their needs at the fullest.

They will evaluate our brand, and they will realize that our +F50’s has been used for the best soccer players in the world like Lionel Messi and Kaka. Our product for soccer players will give them the confidence they want and also improve their performance, this way they will feel satisfied and stay loyal to our brand Needs and wants F50’s boots are in the Security stage of the Maslows hierarchy needs, it is a security need because players are always looking for the best comfort and protection. Our product offers good studs and that’s something that soccer players are always looking for.For example when a player is going on full speed, they do not want to stop and slide on wet, muddy or snowy surfaces.

It is also a self-esteem need because soccer players are always looking for a cleat that falls under their characteristic of likings, for example the way the cleats looks, the texture and design. Those are also reasons why soccer players all around the world use our products. By using our product our customers will improve in their technical skills, and will become a more complete player.When you are on the field and everybody is looking at how good you are with your new F50’s they will all envy you, and will want to buy our product so they can become more of a complete player. Self concept Adidas F50’s are classified under the ideal self, while wearing our F50 you will feel confident on the field and you will become the player you always dreamed of. When using our product we will guarantee you that you will have the best performance every time your use step on to the field. External Influences Our advertisings will include the best soccer players in the world.

They will all be performing their soccer skills, wearing their favourite boots. We might also get celebrities to be in our ads. Celebrities like Shakira, Katie Perry and Jay Z will be in our advertisements. The advertisement might be Shakira competing against Katy Perry at one vs. one game. Shakira will imitate some of Lionel Messi’s soccer tricks like the “Hat-trick” or the “around the world”, while Jay Z is on the net playing goalie and they will all be using and talking about the +F50’s boots. This advertising will appear in the most popular TV channels like, Sport Center, TSN, Fox sports etc.

We will also advertise in magazines like Sports Illustrator, ESPN, Sky Sports Magazine, etc. Our product will also depend on word of mouth. Players who use our product might carry it on to their school friends, soccer practice friends, coaches, etc. Product Profile The +F50 series is a series of 3 different styles of the same model of shoes, the only thing that varies is the color and the shoe lace cover. This new generation of shoes offers new features to better suit the player and improve his/her performance.It’s a fully customizable boot that has different kinds of studs and chassis for different grounds and levels of comfort. They have three sets of studs which include: shorts studs for hard ground, normal studs for firm ground, and long studs for soft grounds. It also has 3 different types of chassis; “light weight, comfort, and performance” which can be switched around to better suit the player.

These features are very important because depending on the ground the customer is going to be using the boots in, he/she can switch and upgrade the shoes for better performance.Depending on the weather and the effect it has on the turf, the player is going to be using the +F50 in he/she can alternate between studs and chassis to get the best performance possible. The light weight feature the +F50s offer is very important given that soccer players need agility and speed on their feet, if they are carrying heavy boots their soccer skills will be affected negatively. Thumbnails The body copy of our ad is “reason why copy” because it informs the consumer all the multiple benefits our product has. The type of layout we are using on our ad is the poster layout.We believe the picture of the +F50 is the most important thing, therefore we decided to include a small body copy that will list a few of the benefits of our product. Moreover, we are using a proportional use of the space. We believed the shoes are the most important thing in our ad, thus we made that image the biggest so that the frst thing people see when they look at our ad.

Creative Brief Problem People do not really know all the benefits of Adidas +F50 Target Audience Demographic: Both males and females between 15 and 30 years old with no specific level of education and with no specific incomePsychographic: +F50 go to upscale soccer players who are seeking for a trendy and stylish pair of soccer shoes that also offer incredible quality and technology. Behavior: people who practice soccer on a regular basis. Specially, amateur and professional soccer players who want to improve their game by using new technologies. Communication Objective(s) We want our consumers to realize that +F50 is not like all the other soccer shoes. We want them to learn all the benefits +F50 offers. Also, we want consumers to see all the benefits they will get from wearing them.Furthermore, we are trying to show that even the best players of the world rely on them to improve their performance. Key Promise or Benefit Statement Adidas +F50 will turn you into a better soccer player.

Personality or Feeling of Ad The personality of our add will be energetic and mysterious with a twist of sophistication. We want it to be a product with an intimidating personality Proof/Reasons why Adidas +F50 has an optimal fit, reduced weight, they are fully customizable, they increase the ball feel, and it has exchangeable studs and chassis to better suit the player and improve their performanceConsistencies We will include soccer stars just like we have done it in previous advertising campaigns. We believe that soccer fans are more likely to buy our products if they see that the best soccer players in the world also use them. We will use the same colours on our adds and the same idea in our commercials; where soccer players become better and stronger when they wear Adidas +F50 Appeal We will be using Factual and Lifestyle appeals. The first one is factual because we are going to show the real benefits of our product in a straightforward way.The second appeal we are using is lifestyle, because we are attempting to relate our brand with certain activities and interests that our target audience has.

Tactic We are going to use and endorsement tactic. We will include Lionel Messi in our commercials and ads. We want our customers to relate to a star such as Lionel and think that they can become a soccer star like him.

Headline and Body Copy Headline: Be the best Sub-Headline: “Gotta wear the best…

” Body Copy: Optimal fit, reduced weight, incredible ball feel and ex- changeable studs. Only a few reasons why F50 is the best


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