Amazing Women in War and Peace

The article “Amazing Women in War and Peace” tells about the story of our brave women who fought for peace. In this article, these women show how courageous they are during World War just to fight for their country and fellowmen. In our history class only brave men where recognized and we give salute to them.

However, there were many military and soldiers who are fearless and greathearted women who are not publicized. Most recognitions where given to military men and soldiers. Men were honor as heroes, while brave women’s accomplishments are not being recognized or awarded. Most men think they are always the women’s hero in which it is not true.

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In my opinion, women are treated very unfair by men. Men underestimate women’s capacity and strength. They also think that women’s only responsibility is only at home as housewives, but as you can see in today’s generation, many women are working and act as head of the family. However, whatever happens women where always ready to back up and stand even them is hurt. Just like in this article Ms. Deborah Samson who disguised as a man, because of her faith she did everything to help fight for her country and fellowmen. Women have strengths that are unique and not possessed by many men. Women carry children, carry burden, and carry hardships but they hold the happiness love and joy.

As for me, women are the real heroes, women know best than men. Men tend to act as they are braver than women because that is how we believe. But the truth is women are the strongest among all men, women are there in every conflict. Women possess many qualities and they have the most essential role in our society.

But, despite of that still many women were tortured and abused by men because of bad influences. Sometimes we can’t understand why some men don’t respect our women? Is it because we are just women?

Author: Casey Caldwell


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