“The American Dream” What Does It Mean?

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Last updated: June 1, 2019

Bob Sack March 20, 2009 English The American Dream “The American Dream” what does it mean? Wealth, material possessions, and power are the center values of “The American Dream. ” For many Americans, the dream is based only upon reaching a higher standard of living. Gatsby was one of these Americans who lived his whole life in pursuit of wealth and power. Gatsby based his whole self-being on how much money he earned and the possessions he had.

He felt that with money came many other advantages to life.Gatsby’s only purpose for acquiring wealth was to win back his old love. When Gatsby first met Daisy he was underprivileged and considered unworthy because of his lower class status. He knew that while he was poor there was no chance of them ever uniting as a couple. “I was poor”, Gatsby had no money and he thought that Daisy “was tired of waiting around for me” (131). Gatsby felt that the only way to win Daisy back was to reach for what many people considered the “American Dream.

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Gatsby achieves “The American Dream”, but his unrealistic faith in money and life’s possibility twist his dreams and life into a worthless ending. Gatsby was able to reach his aspiration in becoming wealthy. He worked all of his life employed in many different jobs in hope of making it big and being able to show Daisy what he had become. He felt that money would be able to buy him happiness. Gatsby also bought a huge house across the river facing his loves house. The Buchanans live on one side, East Egg, and Jay Gatsby lives on the other side, West Egg.

The Buchanans belong to the socialites, yet their lives have no meaning. Gatsby tries to chase the American Dream, yet his idea is never completed to ifs full potential. He throws parties to try and fit in with the socialites. Gatsby’s pursuit of the American Dream is ruined because he tries to buy his way into a society that will never accept him. American Dream is something every person works for throughout his or her life. Although the American Dream is admirable, it is impossible to achieve eternal satisfaction.

The American Dream is just that, a dream.


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