An Astrologer’s Day

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Last updated: April 1, 2019

There was an astrologer who conned people, and one day a man came to him and told him to talk about his future. The astrologer started talking when the man stopped him, and asked him to tell him relevant things, and not all the lies he told everyone else. So they made a deal: if he told the man (Guru Nayak) important things, he would pay him a big amount of money, and otherwise, the astrologer should pay him twice as much.

The astrologer talked about a man he was looking for, who had tried to kill him.He told him that he had died and that he should return home and don’t ever leave again. Guru, satisfied with what he had heard, paid him and left. In the end we learn that the astrologer was the man Guru was looking for; he had tried to kill him and thought Guru was dead The Pieces of Silver On a school, children had to make contributions for a retiring headmaster (Mr Megahey), but there were some students who were very poor and couldn’t afford to pay for them, and were humilliated by the active headmaster before the whole school.

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One of them, Clement Dovecot, told his sister, Evelina, about this, and she helped him to earn some money by singing Christmas carols. After having sung in a few houses, she tells Clement to go into a last one, and after they had sung, the owner turns the lights on, and, for Clement’s surprise, the man standing before him was the retiring headmaster, Mr Megahey. He had given them the biggest part of all they earned that night. On the next day, Clement used the money to help the rest of the poor students to pay for their contributions.


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