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There are two essays sharing the same topic but written in different rhetorical modes to be analyzed. Both essays are dealing with the theme of success. The first one has been written in descriptive style, another one belongs to illustrative mode.First of all, the structural layout of writing for both modes is similar.

Both are organized rather simply. An essay should have an introductory paragraph which either introduces and/or briefly defines the subject or suggesting a particularly striking first description or overall summary. Both essays start with an introduction: the first one (descriptive) is rather lengthy and prompts reader on the ideas developed further; with the second essay it is a bit simpler – we are just introduced to the subject which is going to be dealt with.

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Then, the essay comprises one ore several main, or “body”, paragraphs, each having its peculiar characteristics depending on the mode chosen. There is one extended paragraph in the description essay and three shorter ones in the paper written in illustration mode. It is the evidence of differently structured logical sequence. The first essay deals with one general description, which is rather one-sided and covers only one view of the issue, or, rather, describes it.

It is a “picture from life”, providing a picture rather than an argument. The second essay highlights different aspects of the problem from various angles.The first essay, as it has been mentioned, belongs to the descriptive mode. ‘Description’ means ‘illustrative detail’. Usually an author is required to take a person or object and then describe that person or thing in great illustrative detail. Thus, both descriptive words and stories or vignettes showing the object in action are to be used.  It is important to be thorough and provide plenty of details.

If we consider our first essay, we will come across many details. Object depicting an image of success are accompanied by various adjectives, such as ‘exquisite’, ‘expensive’, ‘tight-fitting’, ‘flawless’, ‘pleasant’ etc. The picture presented appeals to all our senses: seeing, smell, taste, hearing. Maybe, it was done too straightforwardly and openly, but all there devices only served to make an integrated descriptive image.

An author should use detail which are enough vivid to help the reader create a mental picture of what is being written about. In this very case an image of a talented and successful woman who looks perfect and uses seductive perfume has been created. In this way the idea of success appeals to the reader’s emotions.The second essay belongs to the illustrative style.

The main body consists of three paragraphs, each supporting a separate viewpoint. Examples are provided, as it should be in an illustrative essay, to support a thought developed. These examples are aimed at facilitating reader’s comprehension and making the arguments of the essay brighter and stronger.

The author should take the target audience in account; besides, audience is anyone who might only have a partial understanding of the subject and to whom an example would be helpful. In fact, examples should be chosen partly by deciding what the audience will easily understand.Finally, both essays end with a closing paragraph, briefly summarising everything that was stated before.

Though a conclusion can be written either briefly or at length, in both essays the final paragraph is short, which helps to achieve an abrupt end, concluding the ideas stated previously.


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