Animal Farm Diary

Topic: Animals
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Last updated: June 13, 2019

Today was the worst day ever.

I woke up at 7:30 am, Napoleon told all of us to meet him in front of the windmill and listen to his commandments, after that he told us to grab as many weapons as possible, at first we were confused because we didn’t know what would happen and why we needed the aggressive weapons for. I decided to ask Squealer, he told us that at 10: 00 am there would be a battle between humans and animals, all the animals were shocked, some even fainted and some was trembling.However, Squealer also told us that if we lose in this battle the windmill will be destroyed! In the meanwhile, animals were also preparing themselves to fight against 15 men to protect their windmill. I was really scared unfortunately; I knew that I had to protect the windmill because all of us spent 2 years to finish it. We didn’t want to lose it just because of the stupid battle. NO WAY! At 12: 00 O’clock the battle had started, I was really intimidate and I wasn’t brave enough to face the evil humans, so I hid behind the bush.

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I saw 15 men they were carrying their guns along with them, 2 men used hammers try to knock the windmill down. But before that even happen, Boxer showed up and kicked the 2 men by using his hind legs. I watched all the battle from the start till the end. After a next few hours, we saw a huge cloud of black smoke; it was hanging from where the windmill had been. All the animals were shocked they stopped what they were doing and looked at the same direction at where the smoke came from.

Men got their chance, 1 man shot Boxer in his hind legs, and some of the other animals got shot and died as well. The other animals got very upset, Benjamin the donkey kicked all the other men, the other animals killed a lot of men as well. At the end the animals farm won! We hurried back to the windmill. Unexpectedly, the windmill broke down into smithereens, leaving all the other animals felt miserable and disappointed. The battle had finally ended. After a next few minutes we got a message from the other farm which said “serve you right “, we were very infuriated.

After the battle ended we hurried run to Mr. Jones’s house (the place where Napoleon was hiding) we just wanted to tell him that Animal farm won , but he didn’t really care , on the other hand , he gave himself a medal , we thought it quite unfair because he didn’t do anything , he should give it to Boxer . Boxer was rested in the barn with Benjamin who was looking after him, he was in a big bad pain. We hope that he would feel better very soon, I hoped tomorrow would be a brighter day.


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