Antwone Fisher: an Aggressive Man

Antwone Fisher is a person who is very aggressive when he mad, also he has a very bad temper. He is trap by his past that keeps him from moving on to his present. Fisher held in so much pain and emotions that when someone pick on him or start problems with him he blow up and beat them up. His childhood life is very corrupted because he was abandoned by his mother and put into a foster home. Where he was abuse and molested at a very young age. The only person he has back than was his best friend Jesse. But when they got older Jesse got kill because he was trying to rob a grocery store.

With all this anger he held in he was sent to talk to a psychiatrist. I feel that fisher doesn’t have any mental problem, he just have trust issues with everything he been through. Once he start opening up to Dr. Jerome Davenport you can see that he have release some stress and anger because he is finally letting his emotions out and all the anger that he been keeping in since he was young.

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The more he starts talking to the Dr. Jerome Davenport the more he became comfortable expressing his feeling and thoughts. At first their relationship was just patient and Dr. but the more they talk the closer he got to the Dr.Jerome Davenport.

Dr. Jerome Davenport finally persuaded Fisher to go find his family. With the help of his girlfriend he finally meets his mother and his father side of the family. Fisher became a man who happy with his life when he finally meets his family because he realize that he actually wanted for the first time in his life.

Fisher and Dr. Jerome Davenport both change each other life. Fisher makes Dr. Jerome Davenport realize about his life with his wife and the doctor help give fisher courage to go find his family. In the end they both help each other become a better man.



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