An Assessment of the Use of Automated Teller Machine

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An assessment of the Use of Automated Teller Machines in the banking industry: the Case of CRDB Bank 1. Background of the Study The tremendous growth and development of technological advancement has been the driving force of the market nowadays.

The diffusion of the internet has revolutionized the business arena. The use of the Internet is changing high-tech marketing overnight while different industries have been trying to utilise it as part of their marketing approach.It does not only reconfigured the way different firms do business and the way the consumers buy goods and services but it also become instrumental in transforming the value chain from manufacturers to retailers to consumers, creating a new retail distribution channel (Donthu and Garcia, 1999). Using automated teller machine has emerged for at least two critical reasons.The first one is that notion that it serves as a substitute path and network other than conventional branch channels for employees to contact banks. In this information technology generation, more and more employees, especially youth and teenagers who are considered to accept modern and advance technology easily, are accessing remote mediums-telephone banking and other forms of banking services which include desktop banking and other virtual banking-to carry out or conduct their financial operations and activities.These online users and customers and target market does not even need more management and administration over their personal finances while valuing their time as they can access this “anytime, anyplace, anywhere” with their customised access to financial services (Jordan and Kats, 1999).

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The second reason for the introduction and initiation of using automated teller machine is the increase of electronic commerce or electronic marketing as firms and enterprises model, which establishes a corresponding demand of electronic payment progression as well as transactions offered by banking firms and financial enterprises.Other than that, follow-up operations and activities which include viewing account balances and carry out or conduct records, bill payments, fund transfers between accounts, as well as credit card soled service provision are in demand to be progressioned on the ATM (Bielsi, 2001). 1. 2 Purpose of the Research Generally, the main purpose of this proposed research is to investigate the use of ATM in the banking industry.

The research will specifically expose and determine and ascertain the perception of the employees about the concept of using automated teller machine and try to expose and determine and ascertain the employee’s satisfaction level for the consideration of using automated teller machine. Moreover, this study would review relevant literature about this topic. The following are the objectives of this proposed research: i. To measure employees perception, loyalty and performance level in using the automated teller machine services ii.To expose and identify the factors that influences the banking industry to choose using automated teller machine.

iii. To understand strengths and weaknesses through participants or those using automated teller machine users’ experience in using automated teller machine service and iv. To recommend initiatives and means for enhancement and improvement for automated teller machine services. Methodology To accomplish and attain and acquire the purpose and the objective of this research, the methodology will involve the application of descriptive practice approach.The main purpose of considering this kind of research study is to describe the context of specific instances, as it takes place during the conduct of this research paper and to explore the cause of specific instances. Furthermore, it has been mentioned by research authors like Creswell (1994) that, the descriptive research procedure aims on collating and attain acquiring data and other considerable data and information about the present active instances and circumstances.This research project is focused on the insights and standpoints or evaluation of the factors that influences or affecting the consideration of automated teller machine in banking industry. Two types of data will be used in study: primary data and secondary data as well as other considerable data and information.

Primary data will be evaluated and assessed from the answers which will be collected from employees and customers who are using ATMs through the use of self-administered.Secondary data and other considerable data and information conversely, will be derived from the findings which have been stated in previously published documents and studies as well as relevant literatures with the focus to the research objective and statement of the problem. These will base on recent studies related to automated teller machines, internet banking and customer decision making progression.Reference Bielski, L. (2001).

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