Assisted Suicide: Act of Mercy or Murder

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Assisted Suicide: Act of Mercy or Murder? By Gorge Lopez 02/20/2011 Assisted suicide is also known as the right to die by a person’s choosing. The two main methods for assisted suicide is by lethal injection or by lethal pills . Most terminally ill patients chose to opt for assisted suicide, so that they no longer have to suffer.

But more so it is not only terminally ill patients that are opting for an assisted suicide, it has reached out to the elderly as well. In some viewpoints, a person may believe that if a terminally ill person wants to end their life to end their suffering, it should be up to them.There is an opposing side saying that it is unmoral and against god. It is an ongoing discussion that won’t come to an end easily. I believe that if terminally ill patients doesn’t want to suffer and would rather opt for an assisted suicide, that decision should be left to them. I may not completely agree with it but I can see why a person would choose that route. The controversy started back in 1987, when Jack Kevorkian, M.

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D. started to advertise in local Michigan newspapers as a physician for death counseling.About 4 years after he started advertising, Michigan pulled Kevorkian’s medical license, stating he was unfit to practice medicine.

Kevorkian assisted in 130 assisted suicides in terminally ill patients between 1990 thru 1998. That is where the question arises, is it an act of mercy or murder? If they are going to consider assisted suicide as murder, I think it should be considered assisted murder and not murder. The Doctor doesn’t commit the final act to cause the patient’s death, the patient does.

The only thing they provide is the supplies and/or the medicine.If the patient chooses lethal injection than the doctor will administer the IV port and give the patient the medication to administer to themselves. Even though Dr.

Kevorkian has been sentenced in his involvement of the 130 assisted suicides, he still stands by his position. For an assisted suicide to occur there has to be proposed guidelines. There has to be a request in writing by the patient for assisted suicide, the patient would have to see another doctor for a second opinion, a psychiatrist to show that the patient is of sound mind and not clinically depressed, and the list goes on and on.The only side of assisted suicides that I agree with, is if a person is terminally ill and the thought of that person suffering, what type of quality will that person have for the remainder of their life. I mean some people can be considered terminally ill and in a miracle recover, but if the doctors are at a lost and there is not possible cure, than why not give the person the opportunity. Some people think is for the human rights of a person. Put yourself in their shoes, going to bed at night, not sure if you are going to wake up the next morning.

Another issue is that some people don’t want to spend their last days all drugged up and barely able to talk. To them this isn’t the quality of life they want to have. A terminally ill patient also believes that if they suffer, the family suffers as well. They also feel that they become burdens to their families.

If it is for a patient’s quality of life, let them have that right as a human. It is not just focused towards terminally ill people only but towards the old and elderly. Some elderly people opt for assisted suicide because they don’t want to die alone.They either don’t have family or their family lives to far. The elderly that choose to opt for the assisted suicide have it planned so that someone is there with them for their last breath. Another reason some of the elderly choose this option is because they feel they have lived long enough and have nothing left to do on this earth.

The most common method to assisted suicides is by lethal pills, due to their veins not being as sturdy as when they were younger. When people become elderly and have either no family or family that lives really far away become depressed and lonely and they feel this is their only option.In either case terminally ill or elderly these people feel that they don’t want to die with a lack of dignity. So some people felt that doctors should let these people die with dignity, if that was of their choosing. I really don’t think this option should be given to the elderly just for the reason of note dying alone. That could change I think, if an elderly person was a recluse and had no social life, they could out more and make new friends and maybe best friends or later in life soul-mates and that could change the aspect of them living alone.

I feel that it is an unjust reason to request assisted suicide. Another opposition I have towards assisted suicide is due to religious reasons. It is up to the person to make the decision, but I feel it is immoral, a sin, and not god’s will. Suicide whether it be assisted or not is a selfish act. People that are not in a terminally ill state don’t realize the hurt they do to their family in being selfish. God wants us to trust, depend on and believe in him, so when you take your own life you are showing no faith in god.The way I see it is “Don’t tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your God is.

” God is your maker and everyone on this earth has a predestined mission to accomplish before their life ends. We are supposed to treat our body as a temple and how is committing suicide or assisted suicide treating your body like a temple. To die by assisted suicide for the reason of not dying alone is selfish.

I am not a very religious person but there are some things I do believe in when it comes to the bible, and assisted suicide is amongst one of those things I am more against than for.In conclusion, I believe there are extenuating circumstances to every situation and a decision to request assisted suicide is merely up to the person. if it were me in any case of being terminally ill or Elderly, I myself would not request assisted suicide for the main reasons is that we all die someday and I would want to spend the every minute I could with the people I love the most and not take away that time from them. In both case you have to talk to your friends or family and see how they would feel if you were complete the assisted suicide and decide what is better for you as a family.


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