Automated Process of Ais for Kudler Fine Foods

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Last updated: February 16, 2019

Kudler Fine Foods has reached a point in their growth that they need to enhance the systems they are currently using for processing their financial information. It is necessary for Kudler to make some decisions on these upgrades. The recommended automation, enhancement, and maintenance schedules supported by flowcharts show the data flow for each of the four accounting upgrades for payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and inventory are included within the brief. The accounting operations of Kudler Fine Foods will be enhanced by the addition of the new software to their existing system.

The reasoning this course of action for Kudler was used is to give them the ability to have better, faster, and more accurate information. The additional AIS technology will increase productivity of management to provide additional time to focus on strengthening customer service. Our recommendation is to purchase industry-specific software to save time and money. The enhancement of the AIS will reduce errors, increase efficiency and streamline duties.

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It will reduce the time to evaluate, buy, and implement new strategies. It will also help the company concentrate and realize the goals of growth while remaining competitive.Payroll will be the first system that Kudler should automate. Payroll does not rely on any information from accounts payable, receivables, or inventory. Enhancements will be made after all four of the systems are implemented and automated. Maintenance should happen during Kudler’s implementation of the other systems to save time and money with enhancements. Accounts payable is the second system that will be automated because Kudler has a system in place. Enhancements will happen after maintenance and implementation of the accounts receivable and inventory systems.

Accounts receivable is a new system, so it must be automated from the start and the technology department and accountants must keep an eye on the inputs and outputs to ensure accuracy. Maintenance will be performed if errors are found and enhancements will be made with maintenance improvements. Inventory is the last module to be automated because it requires information from accounts payable and receivable.

Maintenance will be performed throughout the implementation of accounts payable and receivables to make sure that proper inventory levels are reported.Enhancements for the inventory system is the last step, but many of these will happen as Kudler changes the accounts payable and receivables systems. The new payroll module will automatically calculate earnings, payroll taxes, and deductions after importing employees’ hours from the timekeeping module as shown in Exhibit A. Employees will have the choice of direct deposit or to receive paper paychecks.

The software will also track state and federal taxes and may be paid by check or electronic transfer. The accounts payable, accounts receivable, and the inventory system are interrelated, as shown in Exhibit B.In the accounts payable system, when a fax, paper or electronic invoice arrives, the system will capture the vendor information, purchase order number associated with the invoice and the due date. The AIS should have a control feature to avoid payments to unauthorized or nonexistent vendors. The accounts receivable system is added through the existing sales order (POS) system that will also integrate with the inventory module.

The addition of the accounts receivable module will allow Kudler to take down payments on catering, cooking classes when reservations are made and e-commerce business.Currently, Kudler uses Excel to main their inventory. A new inventory module will streamline purchasing and reduce spoilage.

Through enhanced accounts payable and accounts receivable systems, inventory updates will be more timely and accurate. The addition of the software will improve the quality of Kudler’s accounting system, reduce cost of products with less spoilage, improve decision-making capabilities, and increases the ease of sharing knowledge about products and other services.The software will help accelerate the process of filling customer orders more efficiently resulting in satisfied customers.

The recommended industry-specific accounting system software provides the greatest opportunity for Kudler Fine Foods to reengineer its business processes in ways to enhance their ability to achieve their company objectives. With the addition of these four systems, Kudler will experience less risk when analyzing errors as the accounting information system becomes routine and the personnel more efficient. ?


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