Automobiles and Television

Positive and Negative Social consequences of Automobiles and Television in the 1950’sWhat are some of the positive and negative social consequences that automobiles and television have had on the American population in the 1950’s?A positive aspect of television in the 1950’s was by the American Broadcasting Company airing Saturday morning television shows for children on August, 19, 1950’s.

The children that were fortunate enough to own television sets were able to view a program titled, “The Animal Clinic” which featured live animals. Many more informative programs followed and the children were able to learn from many of the television programs.Another positive influence that television had on the American population was the fact that it offered huge entertainment for entire families. They were able to gather together, and watch entertaining programs, such a “The Jack Benny Program” that was successful in making the family feel happy and a source which brought the family together in one area, where they could share in the humor.

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A negative effect which television had on the American population in the 1950’s was that parents found that the music on some of the programs were unsuitable for their children. Rock-and-Roll was introduced by Elvis Presley and many parents found the shows which featured the singer and dancer as inappropriate for their children.Another negative impact that television held on American’s was that children started averaging watching television for six hours per day, which was idle hours where they would have previously played outdoors and gained exercise or they would have used the time in getting more chores completed around the house.Automobiles in the 1950’s came as a positive source of transportation for many Americans who were now able to drive themselves wherever they needed to go and at the same time offer an expression of themselves. The sporty cars were a means in which many could offer a glimpse at their wild side.  The cars were all so different from each other, which allowed an individual to make a statement about their personality without having to worry to much about someone else, close-by, owning the same vehicle and removing their unique style which flaunted their image.Better materials were used in the manufacturing of automobiles in the 1950’s.

If a person were involved in an automobile accident in that era, they were much likely to walk away with fewer injuries from the impact than they would by today’s standards.  The heavier pieces of metal made it more possible to protect the passengers in the vehicle that sometimes would result in fatalities from the bending of the structure of the vehicle.A negative look at automobiles in the 1950’s was the fact that many teenagers found it enticing to be challenged to a race.  Many young people lost their lives during these races and damaged their vehicles which were a great concern for their parents who wanted their offspring to be able to drive but had to worry about their safety, while driving the vehicles.The vehicles in the 1950’s were much louder than what they are today.  The sporty cars could be heard from long distances and did add to noise pollution which some people found offensive.Americans were hugely impacted by the television and automobile industries in the 1950’s and were changed forever by their arrival to our American culture.



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