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Something that is printed on practically all AXE products summarizes what AXE is really trying to sell. When one looks at an AXE product there is not much to it; it is usually plain with very little color. Something known as the “AXE Effect” is printed on the bottle and/or can of the AXE product. “The AXE Effect may result in, but is not limited to, unrelenting female attention and/or late nights.

” It is one simple, obscene sentence that summarizes what the brand stands for, how it is marketed, promoted, and positioned in the consumer’s perspective.AXE Twist is a new product that is being heavily promoted on television, magazines, Internet, and social networks. The predecessor of the AXE is a product (also by Unilever) called “Impulse. ” It was one that marketed towards women that promised them male attention.

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It was heavily promoted in London with famous acts such as the Spice Girls. AXE follows with a similar strategy but towards the male consumer, with the promise of female attention. The marketing mix of the product is quite simple.

AXE Twist is the product.Whether you buy the shower gel or body spray it comes in a black container (plastic for former and metallic for the latter) with three colors: black, green and yellow. Usually AXE products only feature two colors: black and one other; yellow for AXE Rise, red for AXE Fever, blue for AXE Shock, red for AXE Touch, and so on. AXE Twist is not an ordinary product but one that is said to “change. ” The price for the product is extremely economical.

The place is worldwide, and finally promotion is the big one.AXE Twist is being promoted through various television advertisements, magazines, through event sponsorships and other innovative ways, which will be discussed shortly. AXE’s marketing team has something that most body hygiene products lack: creativity. That creativity comes from the risque humor that is included in their advertisements. This is definitely a point in their favor because it gives them have a sense of originality and are therefore experts in creativity.

Their risque humor is also something that also gives them one of their greatest weaknesses: degradation towards women.The target market for AXE as mentioned earlier are Generation Y males, more specifically the straight males aged 18-25. For the most part this market is heading into college or in their first year and female attention is important. AXE’s advertisements usually show females acting risque, making the first move, and falling in lust instantly with the man, the man always being the higher figure. This leads to opportunities. The opportunities AXE has in the future are endless; they can always start a separate lines directed for females, or even the elder male.

Starting a product directly for females will not solve the degradation of females in the former advertisements, however if men are depicted similarly in the female AXE products then there will at least be a sense of equality. After an immense amount of research on social networks many females were saying that AXE products were offensive. So if they can do something special for the females it might make AXE’s weaknesses not seem as big as they are. There are not many threats that AXE can pose but the ones they can pose are taken in consideration by AXE as well.

On the website they have a “responsible use” section in which they demonstrate in videos the effect AXE will have when handled inappropriately: huffing and igniting. The promotion towards AXE Twist takes in consideration the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats it poses towards the consumer. The AXE website is a great place to begin because their website is the epitome of great branding.

Towards the bottom there is an advertisement for AXE Twist and AXE Rise, along with promotions that they are currently running.When you click the AXE Twist it directs you to the advertisement that they currently are running on television (discussed later). They also display links to show their social network activity with the three leading social networks; Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The AXE Facebook fan page currently has 276,299 fans, and they run various promotions through it.

What they did with AXE Twist to promote it via Facebook was make an application that reads: “…do you know someone who’s generally uninteresting to girls?Well don’t let him get away with it any longer. Report your boring friends TAG A WADD” WADD stands for Women’s Attention Deficit Disorder, and when you click TAG A WADD it brings you to your friends page and you can tag the AXE Twist Facebook page, on their page and therefore spreading the word. The creative in the Facebook ad shows an attractive female, around 20-26 years of age in the center, and guys all around her. The guys are the target market of the product; all males (nerds, jocks, gamers, etc…) 18-25, of different ethnicities.This shows another way in which AXE has strength with creativity. Their  Twitter is another great social network page. The creative in the background shows an attractive female who said to be a member of the AXE marketing team.

Via their Twitter they have giveaways, and promote other contests and sponsorships like ESPN X-Games. Their YouTube page is similar to their website; there is a lot of branding and the videos are different advertisements for their array of products.

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