B2B Ch 7-11

Question 1 1 points Save Which of the following is NOT a part of VRIO? a. Value b. Resources c.

Imitability d. Organization Question 2 1 points Save Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for ____ percent of the number of firms worldwide. a. 50 b.

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95 c. 12 d. 80 Question 3 1 points Save The most (in)famous loophole in merchandise trade created through GATT was: a. TRIPS b. NTB c.

MFA d. MBA Question 4 1 points Save What is the “law of one price,” where the price for identical products in different countries should be the same if trade barriers are absent? a. Purchasing power parity . Fixed exchange rate policy c. Balance of payments d.

Currency swap Question 5 1 points Save Which of the following would most likely foster more entrepreneurship? a. Individualistic and high uncertainty-avoidance b. Collectivistic and high uncertainty-avoidance c. Collectivistic and low uncertainty-avoidance d.

Individualistic and low uncertainty-avoidance Question 6 1 points Save Which of the following was established within 12 countries of the EU? a. A passport free travel zone (Schengen) b. Free flow of capital c. Free flow (migration) of labor d. All of these answers Question 7 1 points SaveWhich is NOT one of the primary types of foreign exchange transactions? a.

Swaps b. Direct transactions c. Spot transactions d. Forward transactions Question 8 1 points Save Which of the following most accurately defines the term China price? a. The industry name given Chinese exports because of their quality and price. b. The unnaturally low price Wal-Mart is able to offer because of heavy reliance on inexpensive imported goods.

c. The stringent regulations the Chinese government puts on importing foreign goods into China. d. The cost-benefit ratio juggled by investors looking at pursuing foreign direct investment in China.

Question 9 1 points Save Which of the following institutions was established following World War II to regulate the trade between countries? a. WTO, World Trade Organization b. GATT, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade c.

UN, United Nations d. EU, European Union Question 10 1 points Save Which one of the following was NOT part of the agenda of the Doha round? a. Reducing agricultural subsidies in developing countries b. Slashing tariffs in the industries that developing countries might benefit from c. Freeing up trade in services d.

Strengthening intellectual property protection Question 11 1 points Save ___ is an international organization of 185 member countries established to promote monetary cooperation, exchange stability, and provide temporary financial assistance to countries a. Bretton Woods System b. World Bank c. International Monetary Fund d. Grameen Bank Question 12 1 points Save Which is NOT one of the three broad modes for entering foreign markets? a. Licensing/franchising b. Direct exports c.

Microfinancing d. Foreign direct investment Question 13 1 points Save Which is a major reason for China looking more towards informal financing? a. Microfinance is a widespread effort. b.

There is a lack of formal institutions such as venture capitalists c. The Chinese government outlaws formal financing d. Family relationships are valued highly, so investors turn towards them first Question 14 1 points Save Which of the NAFTA members benefited the most from this free trade agreement by securing preferential treatment for 80% of its exports? a. US b. Mexico c. Canada d. All the countries benefited equally Question 15 1 points Save Which of the following is NOT one of the three primary activities of the International Monetary Fund? a.

Monitoring the global economy b. Lending c. Pegging exchange rates



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