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Queen Elizabeth and Religion A. Plan of Investigation Thesis: Due to Queen Elizabeth’s religion there were many conflicts involved during her reign in England I plan on doing this research by looking at people’s reactions during Queen Elizabeth’s reign when she reopens the Church of England. I plan on doing this by looking at primary resources maybe like protests that happened outside of Queen Elizabeth’s house or letters people were sending to each other about how they felt about his certain issue.I also need to research on the wars of Queen Elizabeth during her reign and how much it has affected England. I would do this by looking at an English encyclopedia since this is the most reliable source. B. Investigation Born by King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Elizabeth was born on September 17, 1533.

while Elizabeth was ruling England on November 17, 1558, her reign was known as the Golden Age since it was the time England started to prosper in wealth and in power by military. She was also the first virgin queen and the longest ruler in England.During the first years of her life all two of her siblings Mary and Henry IX Tudor, had ruled but only for 5 years or less and they were also bad at it as well. people were cheering when they had died because they didn’t want to have someone like that ruling their country. As the first Queen to be the most successful she reigned for approximately 44 years, the longest ruler of England, until she died of natural causes, sadly there were thoughts of assassinations for Queen Elizabeth from the Catholics because she was a protestant and was aimed particularly by the Spaniards.As a ruler of England she had done many things in her life. She was a symbol of for encouragement for Protestantism. For example she had sent an army to Dutchland in the Dutch Netherlands to fight the Spaniards who had rejected Protestantism.

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During the time she ruled England, one of her main goals was to change the country’s religions to Protestant so that more people could become more educated of the world. To do this, she reopened the Church of England that was once banished by King Henry VIII, by signing the law called the Religious Settlement”, and Queen Elizabeth wanted both Catholic and Protestant people to enter the church. At first many people, the Catholic and Protestants people, were angry because they claimed they were two different people who worshipped different people. By the end of her reign the majority of England’s population was Protestant and Catholic was minority. Because of her religion, during that time she had also encouraged people to explore the world by studying literature and exploring other lands in the world.This was the time when England started to flourish, before church was the only way people could get educated, by reading the bible and such, but no literature and that is how England was the country that prospered in wealth and power. She also had many wars because of her religion and her support for it. one of the most important wars was the war with the Spanish Armada, who were trying to overthrow Queen Elizabeth because they could not tolerate Protestantism in their country.

Controlled by Phillip II of Spain who was a Catholic, he and Queen Elizabeth were going along both very well and at one time Phillip wanted to marry Queen Elizabeth until he found out that she was a Protestant. From 1585 to 1604, Phillip II was trying to overthrow Queen Elizabeth and replace her with a Catholic person, but not him or any person from Spain. In the end Phillip II was not successful in his mission and the majority of England and Queen Elizabeth were Protestant.There were lots of conflicts in the throne of Queen Elizabeth, but she had overcome many of them and also her main goal of turning the majority of the people in England to the Protestant Religion. C. Evaluation of Sources The FIrst Elizabeth- Origin-She has a PHD in Medieval history in Columbia University, is very popular historian/author. Purpose- to see the life of Queen Elizabeth and her accomplishments based on this book.

also showing her personality and her actions and how it influenced the country. Value- This book is valuable to my studies because it seems that she is a very intellectual person raduating from a good college and also is an author of many other books that relate to Queen Elizabeth. i also saw no bias in the book Limitation- This book was missing the most important war of Queen Elizabeth’s era which was the Anglo-Spanish war.

The Spanish Armada Origin: Simon Adams is a professor in History at the University of Strathclyde and he is currently writing Elizabeth I for the Yale University English Monarchs Series and is also a writer for BBC. Purpose: the purpose of this article was to show how the spanish armada came to want to overthrow the government of England, Queen Elizabeth.Value: Simon Adams is a professor in History, which means that he is trusted and also writing something for a prestigious college, Yale, so I would trust him very much. Limitations: He didn’t say the effects of the war during and after the war D.

Analysis E. Conclusion During Queen Elizabeth’s reign there were many conflicts hugely concerning the Spanish Armada, because of her religion, but also there were many changes in the world which still haven’t changed even today, which was that the majority of the people in England were protestant and now more educated and that England is prospering in wealth and power.The Spanish Armada was a huge conflict because if Phillip II had possibly interfered with the reign of Queen Elizabeth, like killing her, then England would probably not be where it is today with a good economy and good government and possibly the whole world in general because of the influence of Queen Elizabeth after showing that she and the majority of the population was protestant.F. List of Resources Works Cited Adams, Simon. BBC. N. p.

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