Baderman Web 2.0 Enhancement

Baderman Web 2. 0 Enhancement Project Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed implementation plan for the addition of Web 2.

0 functionality to Baderman’s existing Website. The discussions the paper will cover are the implementation plan objectives and justification for the changes, a high-level diagram or flowchart that illustrates the information, processes, and interfaces associated with developing the Web 2. enhancement, the information flows, the system design including information on how the code will be used, a description of the project logic, description of interfaces to external websites, and screen mock-ups for the Web 2. 0 enhanced Baderman’s Website. Implementation Plan Objectives and Justification for Changes The Language Breakers Team is here to assist the marketing department of Baderman Island Resort in the addition of Web 2.

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0 functionality to the existing Web site to help introduce Baderman Island Resort to a younger Internet intelligent generation of guests. This Web 2. addition functionality would include features such as interface to social networking sites, RSS feeds, mobile access, and Flickr. It is our opinion that the site would benefit from the addition of videos. We also believe that Baderman does not need to replace its blog feature and would. The team is also able to give suggestions on how to upgrade the resort’s current version of Microsoft Word. (Huddleston, 2008) Companies should always update their Microsoft Word so they can take advantage of all the newest features and options available including security, the most important for companies.

The Language Breakers Team suggests that an upgrade for Baderman’s Microsoft Word is the Microsoft Office 2010 version. The 2010 version of Microsoft word will bring benefits such as improved picture and media editing features, easy to use tools, easier analyzing and managing data, being able to edit your file simultaneously with people in different locations, instant broadcast of live presentations and more. (Microsoft Office, 2010) The Language Breakers Team believes that the marketing department at Baderman Island Resorts has made the right choice by deciding to upgrade to having Web 2.

functionality on their website. With so many businesses going on the web, it is almost mandatory to stay at least with other competition if not ahead. Because the resort consists of 3 hotels, a convention center, 4 restaurants, 2 gift shops, a pro shop, and a spa the choice to integrate Web 2. 0 functionality with the workflows of their employees and create a networked company will link the company to their customers will be the key to a more successful Website. (Huddleston, 2008)The Language Breakers Team has devised an implementation plan to integrate the new Web 2. 0 enhancement to the Baderman Island Resort Website. The team will begin with an interface to social networking sites, which can be accomplished through del.

icio. us links. The team will create a free account for Baderman Resort and will download the extension, which will add the del.

icio. us buttons to the Baderman’s browser toolbar. The company can then bookmark any sites and add tags to the bookmarks for easy navigation. (Huddleston, 2008)The next step in the implementation plan is for the team to develop xml documents, their schema’s, extensible stylesheet language transformation (XSLT’s) to transform the XML to XHTML, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to integrate Web 2. 0 functionality to the Baderman’s XHTML written web site.

The team will incorporate a Really Simple Syndicate (RSS) feed into the XML documents in order to define the XML document by using a standardized schema. It can then be published as a Web feed that visitors to Baderman can subscribe to.Once visitors subscribe they can publish blog entries, audio, and video to name a few The RSS syntax that will be used is RSS 2 syntax.

(Huddleston, 2008) The Language Breakers team will add mobile access features to Badermans site using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to prepare the site for mobile devices. The team would also like to suggest that Badermans visitors and employees be able to share their photos on Flickr, an online environment that is owned by yahoo and allows users to share not only pictures but automatic RSS feed and other web applications (Huddleston, 2008).The team will create a user account for Baderman on the Flickr website and receive the code for the badge needed to embed into the XML document being used to upgrade the website.

(Huddleston, 2008) The final suggestion the team would like to make for the Baderman website is to have a Google map embedded on the site to make it easier for potential and current visitor to find their way to and around the island. With Google AJAX implemented maps users can scroll around and zoom in and out of the location map with ease.This will be accomplished by the team signing Baderman up for a Google maps API key. Once the key is generated the code that is displayed will be copied and pasted onto the visitors center page of the site. (Huddleston, 2008) Flowchart Information Flows With the new Microsoft office 2010 Baderman Island Resort Company can communicate all the information they need with vendors and other staff. The included upgraded version of Microsoft word contains many new features to help the company communicate with others via the Web. The company can easily upgrade at the Microsoft Web site.

The information needed to incorporate the interface to social networking sites will flow from creating an account for Baderman at the del. icio. us Website when the extension is downloaded adding the del. icio. us and tabs button to the Visitors Center page of the site. (Huddleston, 2008) System Design Because the Baderman Island Resort Website is originally written in XHTML the team will use XSLT to tansform any XML that will be incorporated in the implentation of Web 2.

0 functionality. Because the enhancments are mostly signing up for things like Flickr and del. cio. us links and then copying the code generated into the Baderman Web site XHTML, the system design will be quite simple. The RSS feed will be written in XML with a schema and an XSLT to tranform the XML to XHTML. (Huddleston, 2008) The code that is generated after creating an account, following directions and receiving a badge for the addition of Flickr to the Badermans Web site is already written in XHTML and will be easily implemented into the site’s guest blog page. As with the addition of Flickr to the site, adding del.

icio. s link will require an account for Baderman Resort to be created, following directions to create the buttons needed, and adding the sites url into the value of the href attribute in the XHTML code. (Huddleson, 2008) In order to embed google maps onto Baderman Web sites Island maps and Virtual tour pages, the team will sign Baderman Resort up at the Google maps Website to receive an API Key. The code that is generated from aqcuiring the key is in XHTML and will be copied and pasted into the XHTML on each page where the map is to be displayed to allow for easy navigation.The maps on the Island maps page and the Virtual tour page of the site will show the entire Island and provide visitors with an idea of the layout of the entire Island. (Huddleston, 2008) Process Logic Interface to external Websites The team will begin the implemtation by integrating an interface to social networking sites through del. icio.

us links. del. icio. us is a social networking site that allows websites to post bookmarks to popular social networking sites such as facebook, myspace, and twitter. The team will begin the process by visiting the del. icio.

s Web site and follow the instructions to create an account for Baderman’s Web site and add the del. icio. us and tag buttons to the visitors center page of the site.

Once the buttons are added, the social networking sites that Badermans wants to bookmark will be bookmarked on the site. This is accomplished by copying the RSS address to the value of the href atribute in the XHTML code. (Huddleston, 2008) Screen Mock-ups[pic] ConclusionReferences Huddleston, R. (2008). XML. Your visual blueprint for building expert Web sites with XML, CSS, XHTML, and XSLT. Retrieved from https://ecampus.

phoenix. edu/content/eBookLibrary2/content/TOC. aspx? assetMetaId=9d09bb54-2e58-4dd8-baf1-09e8c271f839&assetDataId=52bd314b-9dec-4e6c-ba67-ed815c39dc45. Microsoft Office. (2010). Word 2010 features and benefits.

Retrieved from http://office. microsoft. com/en-us/word/word-2010-features-and-benefits-HA101810003. aspx ———————– Add RSS feed Add Flickr Add Google Map Add del.

icio. us links Add Google Map Guest Blog Virtual Tour Visitors Center Island Map Home Baderman’s Web 2. 0 Web Site Enhancement



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