Why Barack Obama Should Be President

There are many reasons why Barack Obama should be elected as the next President of the United States. Some have everything to do with Obama and his ability to lead the country, while others have to do directly with Obama in comparison to John McCain. The reasons why he should be the President have do with his economic knowledge, stance against the costly and dangerous war in Iraq, and his desire to instill new thinking into the Washington establishment, which has become increasingly more stubborn when faced with the idea of change.

Barack Obama should be the next President of the United States because he has an economic plan that would give the middle class a chance to succeed. Washington has become much more accustomed to the old ways of Republican thinking, where the richest people in the country get all of the tax breaks. This plan is supposed to cause a trick-down effect that helps out the rest of the country, but it has not done that.

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Instead, it has left the middle class to carry the burden, while the hurting economy takes more money out of their pockets. Senator Obama wants to instill a plan that would put more money into the hands of those middle class families, thus allowing them to put more money back into the economy and promote good education for their children, among other things.Barack Obama should be president because he will end the war in Iraq immediately. This is important because the war is to America what engine trouble is to a fine car. Even though the car should be running well and providing the driver with peace of mind and comfort, it is instead a burden.

It not only causes physical discomfort and constant worry for the driver, but is also a burden on the driver’s bank account because of how much money it takes to fix an engine every time it breaks down. With the engine trouble gone, the car has the ability to go places and perform like it is brand new. Obama understands that America is a fine car that should enable the American people to live in prosperity. With the war holding the country back and costing dollars that the economy cannot spare in these current economic times, America cannot get to where it needs to be. Ultimately, the war is the one thing that is hurting the economy more than anything else, and Obama’s plan to end the war would take some of the strain off of the economy.Barack Obama’s calling card is his ability to bring new thinking to Washington.

Though it is not a sure bet that Obama’s new wave of thinking would be successful in Washington, one cannot deny that the old way of thinking has not been successful. This is ultimately the appeal of Barack Obama. Not all new approaches in Washington are going to be successful, but because his has not already been tried, it has the chance to succeed. The old Washington approach brought forward by John McCain has been unsuccessful for eight years, so there is absolutely no reason to expect that it might be successful now. The new thinking and sweeping changes to the Washington establishment could be a massive failure, but they have a chance to succeed because they have not yet been disproved.



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