Belonging Is a Double Edged Sword

I leave behind the howling winds, the turbulent waves and the worry of my death as I crawl slowly in hunger and pain upon this new shore. I can feel the hot sun burning a sensation of warmth into my skin. I know that I can start a whole new life here. I have left everything behind in my war-torn country including what meant most to me; my very own recorder given to me by my great grandmother.

She had taught me this one tune that will never leave my mind because the tune makes me feel a sense of fulfilment that I can’t feel with anything else. * “Excuse me ma’am, are you going to buy that recorder? I stepped back and handed the woman her recorder. She gave me an odd, disgusted look and went back over to the counter where she was affiliated with. Every day I would come to this music shop just to look at the recorder and to touch its hard, cool, plastic surface. I knew I had no money and this voice inside my head kept urging me to just slip the recorder inside my shabby jacket and to walk away.

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You know you want the recorder, it’s so simple, just slip it inside your jacket. Imagine that invaluable feeling of harmony you achieve with your melody; like you are in an alternate universe…

‘NO! I tried screaming over my thoughts. I knew it was wrong. There is no other way of getting a recorder and you know it.

You must take this one. Your great grandmother would have wanted you to. How else do you think she would have gotten your recorder? The principle value I was taught back when I was a young girl was to never steal or lie but being homeless and unable to afford anything but barely rations caused a sudden jolt of determination inside me. I didn’t want to feel lonely or like an outcast anymore and I knew the only thing that would take this nostalgia down was to take the recorder and play my tune.Good. Now tomorrow just go into that store like any other ordinary customer and take that recorder.

It will be easy. Just relax. It is time to rest. The next day arrived and shivers ran up and down my spine like electrons running through an electric circuit. I stood across the road from the store and weighed my possibilities of betraying my principle lesson or finally being able to feel solidarity. A sea of people with purpose rushed past me as I just existed on the footpath.

If you had not made it here, you probably would have been shot to death so take your chances and aim for what you really want in your life.This is your last chance and connection to everything you ever were and will be. Maybe you could become a famous recorder player in an orchestra… then you will be able to live that happy life you have always dreamed of. A few good hours passed before I made my final decision. I needed it.

Desperately. I stormed into that door filled with rationale, took the recorder and slid it carefully on the inside of my jacket pocket. I walked out smelling a new and clean spirit in the air. I ran to the nearest alley and took out the musical instrument which would finally emancipate me. I played the tune and melted away into its beautiful melody.

Author: Fred Lopez


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