Benefits of Learning Languages

The United States wants to disallow foreign language classes so English could be maintained as an official language in the country. Foreign language classes should not be removed from school criterias because it is very beneficial for all students. First, languages connect people together and it could help students experience a better social life.

Second, it would raise the percentage of jobs in the United States. Third, it would increase the mantality of students and prepare a better future life for them. First, languages connect people together and it gives a better understanding of different people.

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For example, many students move along with life and at one point or another they meet new students or current students that have faced interacting with someone from a different country and speaks in a different language. If students a language along with English they would have a better experience connecting with people at school, work, etc. Also,nowadays the new generations have become more interested with traveling and experiencing different parts of the world, and if the traveler who knows the language of the country they would have a more pleasant experience and a greater understanding in the culture.This enables the achievement of a more profound cultural understanding, and makes a difference in the way of seeing the world. Second, it would provide more jobs which would raise the percentage of jobs in the United States. For instance, if a women that got a degree in Italian, then she would simply find a job at a school teaching students italain. In this case, schools would need to hire teachers that speak a foreign language to teach the students the language, which would provide more jobs in the United States.

Moreover, it would be beneficial for a student’s future because in the professional sense having knowledge of a foreign language will always give you the upper hand when it comes to competing for a work position. Speaking a second language also helps you gain the trust of international business people making the job of convincing them into a business venture all the more simple. Third, it would increase the mantality of students and prepare a better future life for them. In addition, if students learn a language besides the language they speak at home and school they would achieve higher grades in school.Studies have been shown that students that speak more than one language score higher on standarized test and build better reading and vocabulary skills.

Also, learning more than one language gives you greater oppturnities in colleges and careers. Colleges place an increasingly high value on knowledge of more than one language, which can drive students into a better education and a better career. If students learn different languages it would open up their minds to understanding why people wear what, and why people celebrate what.



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